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Why Partner With American Forests?
Make an Impact Where It Matters
By working with us, you can help address two of the most critical issues of the day: climate change and social inequities that people in underserved communities face. Our work, which also helps protect America’s water and wildlife, produces powerful stories that corporations’ audiences understand and support and that also can help organizations reach marketing, sustainability and employee engagement goals. With a 150-year history in leading forest and climate solutions, we are trusted by brands across dozens of industries.
Good Partners Want the Same Things
We partner with corporations that are aligned with our mission and believe that climate action and social equity are high-priority issues that should be addressed. Our partners’ financial contributions help us create healthy and resilient forests. They also help us engage the public and policymakers around the role forests play in solving some of today’s most urgent problems.

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To learn more about how to make a powerful impact through our customized partnerships, please contact the Corporate Partnerships team at corppartnerships@americanforests.org.
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American Forests is building a reforestation movement in America, from cities to large, rural landscapes. We are driven by the important role of forests in solving two critical issues: climate change and social inequities that people in underserved communities face. Corporations play a leading role in making this movement a reality.
Lead Partners
American Express

American Express is committed to advancing climate solutions and backing low-carbon communities. Through its partnership with American Forests, the company is helping expand Tree Equity on a broad scale, making vulnerable communities more climate resilient and creating entry-level jobs for historically marginalized populations. Targeting four cities and one international location, American Express and American Forests will engage communities around Tree Equity, providing workshops and on-the-ground technical assistance to help cities work to ensure that everyone can experience the health, climate and economic benefits trees provide. The partnership will help identify locations to increase the number of tree nurseries — including a nursery focused on climate resilient trees — support the planting of urban forests, and place individuals into the tree care industry with meaningful transition support. American Express will help the Tree Equity movement expand globally by bringing Tree Equity Score, American Forests’ free national tool that helps communities identify which neighborhoods most need trees, to an international location.

American Tower Logo
American Tower

American Tower and American Forests are working together to restore landscapes on a large scale and give back to local communities. The partnership began with widespread restoration of jack pine trees in northern Michigan and has expanded to several other essential ecosystems. American Tower and its employees have also supported local food forests in Boston.

American Tower Corporation & American Forests
Arconic Foundation Logo
Arconic Foundation

Arconic Foundation works with American Forests to sustain, rebuild, and add resiliency to our nation’s forests. In Tennessee, we are partnering to establish a Seed Corps program to strengthen the nursery system and seed pipeline necessary to meet our collective reforestation goals.

Bank of America Logo
Bank of America

As one of the world’s largest financial institutions, Bank of America is helping drive progress on important challenges facing society, including work to address climate change and the demands on Earth’s natural resources. Bank of America is committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions in its financing activities, operations and supply chain before 2050, and has a goal to deploy and mobilize $1 trillion by 2030 through its leading Environmental Business Initiative to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy. To maximize their impact, Bank of America works with groups deeply involved in environmental issues, in particular, to address the disproportionate impact of climate change and historic patterns of pollution on minority and underserved communities, to scale clean energy and resilience solutions. That is why American Forests and Bank of America have partnered on Tree Equity to bring more trees to urban areas, improve the environment and enhance livability. Bank of America’s financial and volunteer support have impacted nearly 20 cities.

Bank of America & American Forests
Bulleit Logo

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey and American Forests have teamed up to plant 1 million trees by 2025. With a special focus on the white oak, Bulleit is helping restore about 2,000 acres of forest landscapes in several eastern states, preserving the forests’ ability to mitigate climate change, clean water and provide a home for wildlife far into the future. The company has also committed to create greenspace in urban areas through American Forests’ Tree Equity program. As a brand focused on building community, Bulleit aims to support the pioneers and communities pushing the frontier of sustainability forward and shaping the world of tomorrow.

Bulleit & American Forests
Coca-Cola Foundation

The Coca-Cola Foundation (TCCF) supports transformative ideas and institutions that address pressing and complex global challenges and can leave a measurable and lasting impact in communities around the world. TCCF works with American Forests to restore threatened forests, supporting community and ecosystem resiliency. In California, we are partnering to support restoration work at Eldorado National Forest, on sites burned by the Caldor Fire.


To do its part to help the world achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, Deloitte launched WorldClimate, its strategy to drive responsible climate choices within its organization and beyond. As such, Deloitte US has teamed up with American Forests to support the Detroit Tree Equity Partnership.

EarthDefine Logo

EarthDefine uses AI to scale high-resolution mapping of America’s ground cover, including trees. In 2020, EarthDefine deployed its AI to create the U.S. Tree Map, the most detailed map of all trees in the lower 48 states, updated annually to provide a “live” map of the nation’s forests. EarthDefine provided tree canopy data to American Forests for all urbanized areas nationwide. This data was critical for the calculation of Tree Equity Scores for communities coast to coast. A neighborhood’s Tree Equity Score is based on several factors, including tree cover, ethnicity, population density, employment and average surface temperatures. Urban areas can use the scores to prioritize where to plant trees, so that everyone experiences the benefits of trees, regardless of location, income or race.

Eddie Bauer

For more than 25 years, Eddie Bauer has been helping American Forests restore threatened forest ecosystems across North America, one tree at a time. As a brand born in the outdoors, Eddie Bauer recognizes that we all can play a role in preserving the beauty of nature. Thanks to Eddie Bauer’s support and the support of its customers, American Forests has planted more than 8.4 million trees in the United States and Canada, helping make a difference for wildlife, people and the environment.

Eddie Bauer & American Forests

Google.org, Google’s philanthropy, brings the best of Google to help solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges combining funding, product donations and technical expertise to support underserved communities and provide opportunity for everyone. In 2022, Google.org began supporting American Forest’s work to advance American Forests’ Tree Equity Score, a suite of free user-friendly urban forestry tools. Google.org’s funding will also help American Forests develop more refined and accurate guidance around heat-related tree canopy needs and the development of deep-dive Tree Equity Score Analyzer tools for two American cities which can be used to create planting projects for maximum socioeconomic impact.

Life Time Foundation

The Life Time Foundation, is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit created by Life Time, Inc. dedicated to inspiring Healthy People, a Healthy Planet, and a Healthy Way of Life. Through financial grants and direct action, we support Youth Nutrition by helping schools serve wholesome, nourishing, minimally processed food to students; Youth Movement by championing physical movement programs that get children active and excited to move for life; and a Healthy Planet by supporting forestation and conservation initiatives, so everyone can live healthy, happy lives. The Life Time Foundation’s support for the restoration of the threatened whitebark pine aligns closely with the Life Time Foundation’s mission of inspiring healthy people, a healthy planet, and a healthy way of life. By conserving and restoring this threatened species and its ecosystem, a key component to alpine biodiversity is protected, ensuring future generations can continue to enjoy the health benefits of outdoor recreation in pristine nature environments and foster a deeper connection with nature.

LightStream Logo

LightStream, an online lending division of Truist, supports American Forests by donating a tree for every loan they fund and helping lead campaigns that educate people about the value of trees. Since 2013, LightStream has helped plant 1 million trees and restore forests in 23 states, bringing back to life lands ravaged by wildfire and restoring watersheds in critical ecosystems. Their campaigns have brought awareness to the value of trees as a solution for climate change and for bringing Tree Equity to cities.

LightStream & American Forests
Microsoft Logo

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. In launching a partnership with American Forests in 2019, the global technology leader set out to improve lives and the environment in two communities that host the company’s datacenters. Leveraging its technology and capacity, Microsoft advanced Tree Equity by helping create a Tree Equity Score for the Phoenix Metropolitan area and then planting trees in neighborhoods that needed them most. The company also is working with American Forests and other partners in San Antonio’s socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods to train new tree professionals, who are badly needed to help maintain and restore the city’s declining tree canopy. In 2022, Microsoft added an additional three cities to their Tree Equity efforts, Cheyenne, WY, Chicago, IL, and Des Moines, IA.

Microsoft & American Forests

Nespresso’s vision is to inspire a love for coffee that transcends expectations and cultivate coffee that positively impacts the world, every day. Sustainability is core to the company’s DNA, stretching from operations to support for farmers to recycling. For the past 20 years, Nespresso has invested in agroforestry projects that conserve the ecosystems its coffee farms and communities rely on. Since 2021, Nespresso has been collaborating with American Forests to support reforestation projects in California, Hawaii, New Jersey and Texas. Additionally, Nespresso is supporting American Forests Tree Equity work nationally and in cities like Dallas, TX as well as donating coffee ground compost as fertilizer for street trees in Detroit, MI.


Nice-Pak pioneered the first wet wipe back in 1957, and we are now a global leader in the manufacturing and marketing of wet wipes for our own brands and on behalf of multinational retailers. We reach billions of people with our products and are committed to bringing environmental sustainability and improved health impacts for communities across the globe, not only through innovative products but also through expertise and education.


Partnering with American Forests, Nice-Pak and the Nice `N CLEAN® brand will support the planting of 150,000 trees across the US over three years and sponsor the development of a digital curriculum specifically around the connection between healthy forests and human health through Project Learning Tree’s award-winning youth environmental education program. Through forest restoration, environmental education, and a commitment to increase our use of certified cellulosic fibers in our products, Nice-Pak aims to drive awareness that trees and forests are the best nature-based solutions to climate change and play a vital role in human health.

Salesforce Logo

Salesforce’s sustainability vision is to accelerate the world’s largest businesses to net zero; sequester 100 GT of carbon through conserving, restoring and growing 1 trillion trees; and energize the ecopreneur revolution. As part of the one trillion tree initiative, Salesforce committed to the goal of conserving, restoring and growing 100 million trees, which can be tracked on their website. Salesforce has partnered with American Forests to support a number of critical transformational restoration projects, including using climate-smart techniques to reforest the Camp Fire burn scar in California and restoring habitats on a Hawaii volcano to save birds threatened by climate change. Salesforce is also working to bring Tree Equity to Dallas, Phoenix and Rhode Island — areas that are grappling with extreme heat and that have been identified by American Forest’s Tree Equity Score as having high disparities in tree canopy. This work was featured at Dreamforce 2021.


Takeda is a global, values-based, R&D-driven biopharmaceutical leader with a large U.S. presence and a commitment to prioritize health equity, climate resiliency, K-8 math literacy and food security across the country. In 2022, Takeda and American Forests launched a three-year partnership to support two large areas of work: post-wildfire restoration and Tree Equity in four cities. Through the Takeda Wildfire Restoration Fund, American Forests and its on-the-ground partners will be poised to move quickly after catastrophic wildfires to develop climate-smart projects that restore landscapes and to continue research into the best forest management practices to prevent future wildfires. Takeda’s support for Tree Equity will help communities analyze data to decide which neighborhoods need trees the most and will fund plantings to ensure those neighborhoods’ residents receive the health, climate and economic benefits that trees provide.

TAZO Tea Logo

Low-income and Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities tend to have far fewer trees than wealthier, predominantly white, neighborhoods do. These inequities — and the resulting disparities in essential health and economic benefits trees provide — spurred TAZO Tea and American Forests to team up to address climate justice. Together, we launched the TAZO Tree Corps: a paid, locally hired workforce that will use tree planting and maintenance to help combat climate change and create new jobs in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and communities of color.

TAZO Tea & American Forests
Travelers Logo

Travelers cares about its customers, the communities it serves and the environment. That’s why the company teamed up with American Forests to fund the planting of one tree for every Personal Insurance customer who elects paperless billing. The partnership helped put 1.5 million trees in the ground in essential ecosystems across the U.S. The effort was so successful, Travelers committed to plant or conserve another 1.5 million trees — bringing their commitment to 3 million trees so far. The company also supports numerous charitable and sustainability initiatives, including an urban forestry job training and mentorship program in Minnesota. Travelers has also committed to being carbon neutral by 2030.

Travelers Insurance & American Forests
UncommonGoods Logo
Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods, the online marketplace for unique gifts and home accessories, provides critical support for American Forests’ mission of creating healthy and resilient forests in natural landscapes and cities. The company’s contributions have helped restore habitat in priority regions for a variety of species, many of which are listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act. The company took their support of the Endangered Species Act to the next level by helping create an advocacy toolkit to assist people in urging lawmakers to keep intact the legislation, which was designed to protect our species that are most at-risk.


As a leader in sustainable forestry, Weyerhaeuser has been growing, harvesting and regrowing forests on a continuous cycle for more than a century. We are proud to partner with American Forests through our support of the Forest-Climate Working Group, a coalition working to advance policies that recognize forests and forest products as part of the solution to climate change, and the Women’s Forest Congress — and most recently through an innovative program launched in 2021 to help expand Tree Equity and education about forestry career opportunities into rural communities. This partnership strongly supports our sustainability strategy and 3 by 30 positive impact areas: contributing to climate change solutions, helping provide sustainable homes for everyone, and helping our rural operating communities remain thriving places to live and work.


As a brand that provides relief to allergy sufferers, ZYRTEC® is taking ReLEAF a step further by launching the ZYRTEC® ReLEAF Project. This spring, ZYRTEC® and American Forests are teaming up on this tree-planting initiative to help foster a better, healthier planet for all. Through the partnership, ZYRTEC® and American Forests will be planting trees and funding research to help advance Tree Equity in historically excluded communities across three major cities — Phoenix, AZ; Detroit, MI; and Washington, D.C.

Major Partners
A Living Tribute

A Living Tribute was created to connect people looking for green gifts and memorials with local and national reforestation initiatives in the U.S. and Canada. Working with American Forests, A Living Tribute offers trees as gifts on public lands in need of reforestation.

AES Corporation

American Forests leverages AES Clean Energy’s generous support with US Forest Service REPLANT Act Keystone Agreement funding to make an impact locally and communicate out about the takeaways nationally for effective scaling of climate-resilient restoration. As an inaugural funder of this work, AES helps California Cone Corp participants, tree planting efforts, and carbon dioxide removal.


Arhaus was founded in 1986 on a simple idea: Furniture and décor should be sustainably sourced, lovingly made and built to last. Its partnership with American Forests to plant trees and rebuild forest ecosystems has helped to further Arhaus’ commitment to care for the environment and honor the Earth.


Chubb, one of the world’s largest property and casualty insurers, believes that the well-being of society depends on a healthy environment. Since 2007, Chubb Environmental has been a proud supporter of American Forests.

Clif Bar

In their work to conserve and restore the natural resources we depend on and to protect the wild places and open spaces where we play, Clif Bar has worked with American Forests since 2004, planting hundreds of thousands of trees across North America.

Crystal Geyser

For 20 years, Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water® has helped American Forests to plant more than 1 million trees. Their support is driven by their direct connection to nature. All seven of Crystal Geyser’s spring water sources are nestled adjacent to national forests or state parks, and some are even designated wilderness areas. Through its partnership with American Forests, Crystal Geyser has helped preserve and restore priceless ecosystems, from fire-scarred areas in Montana and California, to critical bird habitat in Michigan.


In partnership with American Forests’ Resilient Forests program, CubeSmart offers customers the option to opt into our “Plant a Tree” program when reserving a storage unit online or by phone. As a result of our Plant a Tree program, approximately 619 acres have been restored in areas of greatest need.

Equity LifeStyle Properties

At Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS), a leading operator of manufactured home communities, RV resorts and campgrounds in North America, protecting and restoring our country’s diverse landscapes through collaborating with American Forests is a natural fit. ELS has committed to planting 100,000 trees in areas like Texas, California, and Florida.

Prudential Financial, Inc. 

Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE:PRU), a financial services leader, believes that a healthy environment creates and preserves value for their customers, employees and investors. Prudential is focused on instilling the principle of environmental stewardship which is why the company has supported American Forests’ reforestation efforts since 2010.


REI partners with American Forests in support of our work to make our national forests and urban green spaces healthier and more accessible.

SFE Energy

SFE Energy is a competitively priced supplier of electricity and natural gas across the Northeast United States. For each customer that signs up for SFE Energy’s Earth Save program, SFE Energy will plant a tree through American Forests, planting tens of thousands of trees on the behalf of SFE Energy customers.

Becoming a Corporate Partner

Being a good corporate citizen is good for business. And American Forests makes it easy. We customize benefits, messaging and annual giving to best meet the needs and goals of our organization and the companies that partner with us. Learn more about how to make a powerful impact by partnering with us.
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Our Lead Corporate Partners
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Our corporate partners have access to a collection of powerful photos and video that detail our projects and reflect the landscapes and cities where we work. Also available are descriptions of American Forests and our initiatives. Download these resources to help amplify your commitment and educate others about our work.

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