The threats to forests are varied and complex. To answer this challenge, American Forests uses a variety of programs to address many facets of forest protection and restoration. We plant trees, educate the public on the importance of forests, unite local experts to assist their communities, advocate for forests in public policy issues and much more.
  • Big Trees
    American Forests National Big Tree Program enlists hundreds of volunteers from all over the country in locating, protecting and registering the biggest trees, while educating the public about the myriad benefits of mature trees and forests. It is active in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and has been used as a model for many state big tree programs and several international ones, in places such as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Mexico.
  • Endangered Western Forests
    American Forests is taking fast and concerted action to address the devastation threatening high-elevation forests across the West. We are collaborating with federal agencies, local communities and other nonprofits to create a replicable strategy to protect and restore these forest ecosystems, while educating and engaging citizens and policymakers on the importance of these forests and the threats they face. The initial phase of the initiative is focused on research, restoration, education and public outreach in the iconic Greater Yellowstone Area.
  • Global ReLeaf
    American Forests Global ReLeaf Program plants millions of trees each year in large-scale forest restoration projects, expanding critical wildlife habitat, cleaning our air and water, and removing millions of tons of pollution and greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. By partnering with local individuals, organizations, agencies and corporations, the program has planted more than 44 million trees in all 50 states and 39 countries around the world.
  • Public Policy and Advocacy
    American Forests Public Policy program advocates for the protection and restoration of rural and urban forests. Our vision is for a world in which forests are thriving and valued for their significant environmental and societal benefits. One of the ways our program works to accomplish this goal is through Community Coalitions, which bring together citizens and community groups to participate in the forest policy process.
  • Urban Forests:
    American Forests Urban Forests Program raises awareness about the tremendous environmental, social and economic benefits of urban and community trees and greenspaces and spotlights successful urban forestry programs and best practices across the nation.

Our programs would not be possible without the support of our dedicated members and corporate partners. Help us keep our programs healthy and thriving for healthy and thriving forests by donating today.




National champion tanoak in Oregon

National champion tanoak in Oregon. Credit: American Forests

Volunteers at planting event in Lake Tahoe in 2012, funded by Global ReLeaf

Volunteers at planting event in Lake Tahoe in 2012, funded by Global ReLeaf. Credit: The Sugar Pine Foundation

Tree planting in Pittsburgh

Tree planting in Pittsburgh, Penn., where American Forests is working with local partners on an urban forest assessment. Credit: Tree Pittsburgh