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Creating Healthy and Resilient Forests
We help ensure that forests in large landscapes are healthy and resilient to the impacts of climate change. In cities, we help develop and implement plans for planting and caring for trees in the neighborhoods that need them most.

Tree Equity

Trees are vital to our health and wealth. But a map of tree cover in cities is too often a map of income and race; trees are sparse in low-income neighborhoods and some neighborhoods of color. Our Tree Equity program strives to create Tree Equity — trees where they are needed most.

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Resilient Forests

Our Resilient Forests program focuses on restoring large forests in the wilderness so they can adapt to the impacts of climate change, capture and store carbon, protect our water supply and provide habitat for wildlife.

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Think of a federal policy in the United States that relates to the country’s forests, and it is very likely that American Forests was a leader in getting it enacted. We have the expertise, nimbleness, connections and convening skills needed to create long-lasting government policies and programs.

One Nation, Under Trees
Our approach to reaching our goals is three-pronged. It includes developing tools and conducting scientific research in our Innovation Lab, creating partnerships in cities and forest landscapes and building movements that inspire action at a large scale.