The Tree Equity Alliance Partners

Tree Equity is about ensuring the myriad benefits of trees and urban greening are equally accessible for all. Due to the legacy of redlining and other historically discriminatory practices, low-income neighborhoods and communities of color often have fewer trees and more pavement than their wealthier counterparts. These communities disproportionately lack access to a thriving tree canopy’s life-saving benefits, including cooler temperatures, improved air quality and resilience to climate change. Tree Equity addresses pressing environmental and health challenges, while creating heathier, safer and more connected communities. 

Tree Equity is essential, but it’s not simple.  

We can achieve a more equitable tree canopy by investing in:  

  1. Growing trees in neighborhoods where it’s needed most 
  1. Creating community capacity and jobs to maintain these resources 
  1. Designing just policies and plans 

The Work Ahead

To catalyze our nationwide movement for Tree Equity, American Forests, GreenLatinos, Groundwork USA and 1890 Universities Foundation have come together in a new, innovative partnership – the Tree Equity Alliance.  

Together, we aim to tear down barriers and create new, easier paths to achieving Tree Equity by: 

  • Unifying and amplifying the voices calling for Tree Equity and more livable, resilient communities through partnerships with allied sectors, such as public health and urban planning 
  • Driving an advocacy agenda that outlines a roadmap to achieve Tree Equity in the United States, including sustained and flexible funding  
  • Calling for equitable grantmaking and resource delivery that puts communities first 

Our goal is to build a movement to ensure that everyone experiences the benefits that trees provide – no matter their zip code. We need your voice to amplify this effort. Won’t you join us? 

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