Travelers is an insurance company that cares — about its customers, its employees and the communities it touches — by supporting forest restoration, urban forestry job training and carbon neutrality.

The company’s partnership with American Forests began in 2017, when Travelers executives wanted to offset carbon emissions generated by travel to a conference. The agreement allowed the company to fund the planting of 30,000 trees over three years.

Then, in April 2019, Travelers pledged to fund the planting of one tree for every Travelers Personal Insurance customer who chose paperless billing. Through this program, the partnership planted 1.5 million trees.

In 2021, Travelers made a second pledge to fund the planting or conservation of another 1.5 million trees and expanded support to urban areas by funding the Tree Trust Branches program, a job training and mentorship initiative that helps young people facing barriers to education and employment in the Twin Cities finish high school and build meaningful careers in urban forestry. 

Travelers didn’t stop there. A third commitment was made in 2022 to nearly double their efforts with an additional 2 million trees to be planted or conserved by 2024 and continued support of job training and mentorship in cities. Their total commitment has now reached over 5 million trees, with over half of these already in the ground in landscapes across the country.

“Ensuring the vitality of our forests is critical to minimizing the effects of changing climate conditions,” said Michael Klein, executive vice president and president of personal insurance at Travelers. “We are excited and extremely proud to deepen our relationship with American Forests, and we look forward to making an important contribution to the reforestation of some of the country’s most endangered ecosystems.”

American Forests’ partnership with Travelers has helped bring forests back to life in multiple regions nationwide. The company’s new commitment furthers that work on a larger scale.

“Through our partnership with Travelers, we have made a substantial impact on some of America’s most essential natural landscapes — helping to grow forest resilience in the face of a changing climate and create a better, healthier environment for everyone,” said Jad Daley, president and chief executive officer of American Forests. “We are grateful for Travelers’ generous continued support and look forward to achieving this new goal together.”