Throughout its long-standing partnership with American Forests, Eddie Bauer has planted more than 8.4 million trees in landscapes across the country, making a substantial difference for wildlife, people and the environment.

In 2020, Eddie Bauer celebrated the company’s 100th anniversary as well as its 25th anniversary partnering with American Forests, marking an incredible milestone.

Over the last quarter of a century, the partnership has made strides for climate change by sequestrating more than 19 million metric tons of CO2 — the equivalent of taking more than 4.1 million cars off the road annually. With over 300,000 trees planted in fire-damaged areas of the Sierra Nevada Mountains — where the snowpack provides 30% of drinking water for California residents — Eddie Bauer has helped filter billions of gallons of water.

Part of the Rubicon Canyon of California was left with large high severity burn scars due to the King Fire.
Photo Credit: Luis Vidal / American Forests

And, in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, one of the most ecologically diverse areas of the world, Eddie Bauer’s support has restored nearly 2,000 acres of Texas thornscrub, creating critical habitat for the endangered ocelot.

Whether you live in the heart of a city, near a farm, or deep in the mountains, forests impact all people. They provide jobs, recreation activities, health benefits and economic value. Eddie Bauer is best known for its passion for the outdoors, but more importantly, it’s focused on empowering and enabling people to experience the outdoors.

Looking forward, Eddie Bauer wants to help address pressing issues of our time, focusing its efforts on urban planting and helping cities achieve Tree Equity — a vision for all people in every community to receive the benefits that trees provide, regardless of income, race or location.