For almost a decade, Bank of America has been a stalwart partner in advancing American Forests’ efforts to achieve Tree Equity through career pathways, partnership facilitation, climate-informed data, high-impact tree plantings and wood reuse.

With a charitable focus on revitalizing neighborhoods and creating career opportunities, Bank of America has been a pioneering supporter of the program that has exponentially grown to become Tree Equity. Thanks to the extraordinary financial support and volunteer efforts from Bank of America and its staff, their impact has reached nearly 20 cities, including Baltimore, Detroit, Miami-Dade and Houston.

This partnership was honored in 2018 with a Climate Leadership award.

In Detroit, Bank of America is supporting the Detroit Reforestation Initiative to plant trees in strategic locations throughout the city and create pathways to careers in urban forestry for residents. One powerful event the company made possible was working with American Forests, the Greening of Detroit and community members to transform a large vacant lot into the city’s first outdoor education center that includes a butterfly garden and shortgrass prairie installations.

Bank of America has also supported American Forests’ efforts to establish the Baltimore City Community Forestry Corps program as a Maryland Department of Labor-approved pre-apprenticeship program, and to elevate Tree Equity in Boston by making Speak for the Trees’ Teen Urban Tree Corps program accessible to youth from across the city.