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For more than a century, businesses across the United States and around the world have supported the work of American Forests. We work with companies to offer special opportunities in cause-related marketing, community impact efforts, education initiatives and employee participation programs.

Key aspects of a partnership with American Forests:

  • Significant. Our work has a compelling impact on people, on wildlife and on the overall health of the planet. =
  • Turnkey. Our work is easily translated into messages that your customers and audiences will understand and support, and lends itself perfectly to customer engagement campaigns.
  • Non-partisan and non-confrontational. Everybody loves trees!
  • Association with a trusted partner. American Forests is the nation’s oldest national nonprofit conservation organization.
  • Business friendly. We offer social media and publicity support, access to supporting videos and photos, licensing, exclusivity (special conditions apply) and a presence on our website, alongside other benefits.
  • Reasonably priced and scalable. The amount of your investment is totally up to you. We can support your goals with a range of options.

Types of Partnerships

Cause Marketing and Sponsorships

Cause-related marketing and sponsorships help enhance a company’s brand, promote sales, support American Forests’ mission and can range from donating a percentage of sales to support our work to funding one of our key programs directly.

American ReLeaf and Global ReLeaf Tree Planting — starting at $1 per tree!

American Forests has planted more than 50 million trees since 1990 — in all 50 states and in nearly 50 countries worldwide. An American ReLeaf (domestic) or Global ReLeaf (international) partnership is a natural fit for sales, brand and product promotions and is also perfect for “add-a-dollar” programs.

Community ReLeaf — Making cities greener!

Urban greenspace is critical to the health and quality of life in cities. Through the American Forests Community ReLeaf™ program, we evaluate a city’s canopy cover and other vegetation and work with stakeholders to plant trees in areas with the most need. These projects often involve events with signage, local media outreach and volunteer engagement, allowing our corporate partners to reach their customers or associates where they live.

Paperless Campaign

“Go Paperless” programs that offer tree planting as an incentive to switch from paper to electronic communications have saved companies millions of dollars in operating costs. American Forests has partnered with a host of leading brands on these programs, including Coca-Cola, Dish Network, Jackson National Life Insurance Company, McDonald’s, Nationwide Insurance and Verizon Wireless.

Carbon Offsetting

Climate change is arguably the toughest environmental challenge of the 21st century. That’s why offsetting a company’s carbon emissions is a smart choice for the health of our planet. Offsetting emissions and greening meetings doesn’t have to be expensive; trees are an affordable, hard-working solution.

Small Business Partnership

We recognize that the business community is made up of both big and small companies alike. The American Forests Small Business Partnership is designed for startups and smaller businesses looking to explore charitable support opportunities on a limited budget.

Customer and Associate Volunteer Events

While much of American Forests work happens deep within forest ecosystems that may not be easily accessible for groups, American Forests frequently works with our larger partners to create appropriate and inspiring engagement activities for both associates and customers.


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To learn more about any of the opportunities listed on this page, please contact:

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