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Our corporate partners play a critical role in helping restore threatened forests and inspiring people to value and protect them. American Forests is grateful for their support.

Lead Partners

Alcoa logo

Alcoa Foundation and American Forests have joined together for the Partnership for Trees Program, a multi-year initiative to plant hundreds of thousands of native tree species on damaged and degraded sites around the world by engaging local communities in the restoration of forest ecosystems. This initiative, which commenced in 2011, builds toward Alcoa’s goal of planting 10 million trees by 2020 and supports American Forests’ mission to protect and restore forests. For a project to qualify for this program, Alcoa sites and employees work with qualified local nonprofit groups and agencies to develop and submit forest restoration proposals and then participate in the tree planting. Learn more about Alcoa Foundation.

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Alliance Data logo

As a data-driven marketing company, Alliance Data understands how meaningful data can influence decision-making, so in 2015, we joined forces to fund a landmark study about the urban heat island effect and related air quality issues in Dallas. The study shines a lens on how trees and greenspace can mitigate climate issues. Learn more about Alliance Data’s corporate responsibility efforts.

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American Tower is not only a leader in their industry – the company also displays admirable qualities as good corporate citizens. American Forests and American Tower are working together to restore landscapes on a large scale, as well as give back to local communities. The partnership began with widespread restoration of jack pine trees in northern Michigan, and quickly expanded to grow local food forests in Boston. Learn more about American Tower Corporation.

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Bank of America logo

As one of the world’s largest financial institutions, Bank of America plays a critical role in accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy. To maximize their impact, Bank of America works with groups deeply involved in environmental issues ― with global expertise and resources. That is why American Forests and Bank of America have partnered on the Community ReLeaf program program to bring more trees to urban areas, improve the environment and enhance livability.

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Cystral Geyser logo

For over a decade, Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water’s® ongoing support of American Forests has helped fund the planting of more than a half million trees. Their support is driven by their direct connection to nature. All seven of Crystal Geyser’s spring water sources are nestled adjacent to national forests, and even a wilderness area. Together, we are protecting the purity, quality and taste of our spring water, and preserving and restoring priceless ecosystems. Supporting nature just seems natural. Learn more about Crystal Geyser®.

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Eddie Bauer logo

For more than 20 years, Eddie Bauer has been helping American Forests restore threatened forest ecosystems, one tree at a time. As a brand born in the outdoors, Eddie Bauer recognizes that we all can play a role in preserving the beauty of nature, and even a small donation to American Forests can make a big impact in protecting our forests for future generations to come. With the help of Eddie Bauer and its customers through their “Add a Dollar” program, American Forests has planted more than 7 million trees in the United States and Canada since 1995. Our partnership with Eddie Bauer has created the most successful reforestation project by a non-forest-related business in the United States. Visit Eddie Bauer online.

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LightStream, an online lending division of SunTrust Bank, supports American Forests by donating a tree for every loan they fund. With a refreshingly simple (and paperless!) loan process, LightStream delivers low-interest, unsecured financing for practically any purpose, available entirely online. They’re proud to have helped restore hundreds of forest acres already, and their customers appreciate it, too: “I will recommend this company to everyone…thank you for caring about our planet.”

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Origins logo

Origins, the high-performance skincare brand powered by nature, plants trees to give back to the earth and show appreciation for the powerful natural resources used in their products. Origins has aided reforestation in all corners of the earth, from the U.S. to Ghana and China. In partnership with American Forests, Origins has planted more than 700,000 trees, and counting. Learn more about Origins.

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Honoring the trees that have inspired the beloved fragrance, Frasier Fir, Thymes set out to create Plant One Tree: a giveback program to support and restore the Chippewa National Forest in Frasier Fir’s originating state, Minnesota. For every product sold in the Frasier Fir Northwoods and Statement Collections, a tree will be planted in partnership with American Forests, making the world a better place one tree at a time. Learn more about this program.

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Because we are a company that cares, cares about you, your wellbeing and our environment, we have set a lofty goal of reducing our carbon footprint by planting 1 million trees in partnership with American Forests, and lowering our paper consumption by 22 million pages. To learn more about Travelers commitment to corporate citizenship, please visit Learn more about this program.

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UncommonGoods, the online marketplace for unique gifts and home accessories, is proud to support American Forests’ efforts to restore our environment. As part of their Better to Give program, customers can select American Forests at checkout for a $1 donation from UncommonGoods. Learn more about this program.

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Major Partners

Accella Tire Fill Systems logo

Accella Tire Fill Systems partnered with American Forests to create the One Tote, One Tree program. They proudly work with their global network of distributors, OEMs and aftermarket dealers to help make the “One Tote, One Tree” program a resounding success when it comes to supporting critical fire zones, with more than 125,000 trees planted to date. This program and other similar projects are a shining example of how businesses can partner together for the good of our planet to create more sustainable solutions and replenish our precious natural resources. Learn more about Accella Tire Fill Systems.

Amour Vert logo

In 2013, the contemporary eco-conscious brand Amour Vert commenced its ongoing partnership with American Forests, vowing to plant a tree in America for every purchase of an Amour Vert t-shirt. To date, they’ve planted 108,000 trees and counting. Amour Vert’s commitment to forest restoration stems from the use of wood pulp and sustainable materials, and their 360-degree philosophy of giving back to the environment what they take from it. Based on the principal that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability, Amour Vert founders Christoph Frehsee and Linda Balti take their commitment seriously, proving it is possible to be both fashionable and environmentally responsible, while raising awareness within the highly wasteful apparel industry. The company, whose name is French for Green Love, is based in San Francisco, Calif., and produces and manufactures their collection entirely in the U.S. Visit Amour Vert online.

For over 30 years, Arhaus has been committed to developing unique, yet functional furniture from recycled, reclaimed and sustainable materials. The passion for working with partners who care for the environment and its resources is the driving force behind the partnership with American Forests to plant trees and rebuild forests ecosystems. Learn more about the partnership and the passion for using recycled, reclaimed, and sustainable materials.

As a responsible and activist company, Avocado Green Mattress is proud to support the urgent work of American Forests. Makers of eco-luxury sleep products made with natural and organic materials, Avocado is on a mission to create a healthier planet and healthier homes. They are proud members of 1% for the Planet, which means they are committed to donating 1% of all corporate revenues to vetted environmental nonprofits to help save our planet. Learn More about Avocado Green Mattress.

Since 2014, Broadridge Investor Communications Solutions has partnered with American Forests to protect and restore forests, helping preserve the health of our planet for the benefit of its inhabitants. For every client satisfaction survey returned and conversion to paperless delivery of shareholder materials, Broadridge makes a donation to American Forests to further our work. The partnership has resulted in the planting of tens of thousands of trees around the world.

Chubb logo

As one of the world’s largest property and casualty insurers, Chubb has a responsibility not only to provide solutions that help clients manage environmental and climate change risks, but also to control their own ecological impact and contribute to environmental causes. Chubb also believes that the well-being of society depends on a healthy environment and that a proper ethic strives for a sustainable balance between development and preservation. Since 2007, Chubb Environmental has been a proud supporter of American Forests. Learn more about Chubb’s commitment to protecting the environment.

In their work to conserve and restore the natural resources we depend on and to protect the wild places and open spaces where we play, Clif Bar has worked with and learned from organizations that share their vision, including American Forests. To date, Clif Bar has helped plant tens of thousands of trees in support of environmental restoration efforts. Visit Clif Bar online.

farmers-insurance-logo american forests

Since our founding more than 90 years ago, Farmers Insurance® has valued working with purpose and creating a meaningful impact in communities where our customers, agents and employees live, work and play. Farmers is proud to support American Forests and the work they do to protect and restore threatened ecosystems across the United States through their American ReLeaf program. Together, we have helped plant over 25,000 trees and have raised awareness about the vital resources our forests provide.

Computershare logo

The eTree program, a partnership between Computershare and American Forests, assists corporations in increasing investor acceptance of electronic communications. Each time an investor of a member company registers for electronic delivery, American Forests will plant a tree in their name in one of America’s great public forests. Register today!

Enablon logo

Enablon is helping create a better world by making organizations more sustainable. They are working every day on an innovative technology that helps some of the world’s largest companies keep their employees safe, reduce their environmental impact, and make better decisions. To further their mission of protecting the environment, Enablon has partnered with American Forests for a carbon compensation project to mitigate all carbon dioxide emitted from their business travel. Together, we will plant thousands of trees in Chicago and various threatened forests around the United States. Learn more about Enablon.

Family Energy logo

Family Energy is a New York-based energy marketer dedicated to the improvement of our environment and the promotion of an environmentally mindful public. Family Energy provides cost-conscious options for customers to make their electricity usage 100% green through its support of highly tested and verified carbon offsets projects. Family Energy is committed to positive environmental change and sustainability. In addition, for each customer that signs up for Family Energy’s Earth Save program, Family Energy will plant a tree through American Forests. Together, Family Energy, its customers, and American Forests have made a big environmental impact, for very little cost and consumer effort. Learn more about Family Energy.

GenScript is the world leader in the biotechnology reagent service industry. Established in 2002 in New Jersey, the company was the first to commercialize gene synthesis and successfully establish fully integrated capabilities for custom peptide synthesis, protein expression and engineering, custom antibody development and engineering, animal model development, in vitro/in vivo pharmacology as well as a variety of catalogue products, industrial enzymes and microbial reagents. As a global leading life technology corporation, GenScript is not only committed to making humans and nature healthier with life science and biotechnology, but also striving to reduce waste and protect our environment by partnering with American Forests. Learn more about GenScript.

IKEA logo

The IKEA vision is to create a better everyday life for people. Their business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. IKEA incorporates sustainability into day-to-day business and supports initiatives that benefit children and the environment. Learn more and stay updated online; on Facebook, Twitter (@IKEAUSANews and @IKEAUSA), Pinterest and YouTube; and IKEA Share Space and its blog.

Landscape Structures logo

Landscape Structures designs and manufactures commercial playgrounds in schools, parks and communities worldwide. An employee-owned company with more than 400 employees, Landscape Structure is committed to enhancing children’s lives by fostering and creating inspiring play experiences while honoring the environment. In partnership with American Forests, over 350,000 trees have been planted. Find out more about Landscape Structures.

Melitta USA, a leader in coffee and coffee preparation products, has partnered with American Forests since 2003. Melitta and its employees assume responsibility for their role in society and their impact on the environment, and will continue to do so by supporting our efforts to keep our forests flourishing and plentiful for years to come. Learn more about Melitta.

Passion Planner is your paper life coach™ that helps you to define your goals and work towards them every day. As a Get One, Give One company, their team is dedicated to inspiring people worldwide to lead purposeful lives and giving back to its #PashFam community and beyond. Through partnering with American Forests, Passion Planner has planted 10,000 trees to date and continues to support environmental conservation through proceeds donated for every Dated 2020 Forest Green Passion Planner sold.

Prudential logo

Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE:PRU), a financial services leader, has operations in the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America. In the U.S., Prudential’s iconic Rock symbol has stood for strength, stability, expertise and innovation for more than a century. Prudential believes that a healthy environment creates and preserves value for their customers, employees and investors. Prudential is focused on instilling the principle of environmental stewardship throughout their global businesses, and believe that doing so benefits their clients, employees, shareholders and future generations.

SFE Energy logo

SFE Energy is a competitively priced supplier of electricity and natural gas across the Northeast United States that offers an option for customers to offset their greenhouse gas emission from power consumption. With each customer pledging to make a difference by signing up with the Earth Save program, SFE offsets the following: 100% of the emissions from electricity, and 1.5 tons of the natural gas carbon footprint from household usage, cancelling out a corresponding amount of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, for each customer that signs up for SFE Energy’s Earth Save program, SFE Energy will plant a tree through American Forests, planting tens of thousands of trees on the behalf of SFE Energy customers. Together, SFE Energy, its customers and American Forests have made a big environmental impact, for very little cost and consumer effort. Learn more about SFE Energy.

Synchrony, is a premier consumer financial services company delivering customized financing programs across key industries including retail, health, auto, travel and home, along with award-winning consumer banking products. With more than $140 billion in sales financed and 80.3 million active accounts, Synchrony brings deep industry expertise, actionable data insights, innovative solutions and differentiated digital experiences to improve the success of every business we serve and the quality of each life we touch.  Synchrony is dedicated to help improve and preserve the environment, it’s one of our core values embedded throughout the company to care.  Synchrony has partnered with American Forests on a “Go Paperless” campaign beginning on Earth Day, Monday, April 22, 2019 through July 21, 2019.  Synchrony will make a monetary contribution to American Forests in an amount equal to $1 for one tree for each Synchrony customer who elects to enroll in the paperless statement program beginning on.  Synchrony will donate up to $100,000.  For more information, please visit us at

Key Partners

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