ABA knows trees are important to the environment through their ability to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and also contribute to the overall health of communities, wildlife and aesthetics. Therefore, the Section is sponsoring the “One Million Trees Project – Right Tree for the Right Place at the Right Time” nationwide public service project. Begun in March 2009, the project calls on ABA members to contribute to the goal of planting one million trees across the United States by 2014 — both by planting trees themselves and by contributing to the partner tree organizations like American Forests. To learn more about ABA, visit Americanbar.org

As one of the largest and most advanced global underwriters of environmental liabilities, ACE believes that all of us have a responsibility to ensure the safety of our planet. Climate change affects everyone – our customers, our employees and their families, and our shareholders. That’s why ACE is committed to doing its part to protect the environment by harnessing its existing expertise through a specialized insurance solution, ACE Green, the Company’s global environmental program, to ensure its customers can participate in sustainable business activities with minimal risk. In appreciation of its client’s support, ACE Environmental Risk, the U.S. based environmental liability division of ACE, supports American Forests as part of its Global ReLeaf® campaign to fund the planting of new trees in locations across the United States. For more information about ACE, please visit www.acelimited.com

Alcoa Foundation and Global ReLeaf, a program of American Forests are partnering on a multi-year initiative to plant hundreds of thousands of native tree species on damaged and degraded sites to engage communities and restore the health and function of natural ecosystems. The 2011 restoration tree planting initiative celebrates the 125th anniversary of the Hall–Héroult process for making aluminum and builds toward long-term tree planting goals of both organizations: American Forests’ goal of planting 100 million trees by the year 2020 and Alcoa’s goal of planting 10 million trees by 2020.The initiative will support restoration tree planting projects conducted by qualified non-profit organizations and agencies around the world. Alcoa employees are encouraged to partner with local non-profit groups and agencies in developing and submitting project proposals, as well as engaging in tree planting activities.

In 2013, the contemporary eco-conscious brand, Amour Vert, commenced its ongoing partnership with American Forests, vowing to plant a tree in America for every purchase of an Amour Vert t-shirt. They set the ambitious goal of planting 100,000 trees by the year 2015, and are well on their way with over 20,000 trees planted to date. Amour Vert’s commitment to forest restoration stems from the use of wood pulp in some of their garments and their 360-degree philosophy of giving back to the environment what they take from it. Based on the principal that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability, Amour Vert founders Christoph Frehsee and Linda Balti take their commitment seriously, proving it is possible to be both fashionable and environmentally responsible and raising awareness within the highly wasteful apparel industry. The company, whose name is French for Green Love, is based in San Francisco, California and produces and manufactures their collection entirely in the USA.

For 35 years, Arnco has been at the forefront of the tire flatproofing industry – providing safety for people working in hazardous conditions through cutting edge laboratory technology. For years we have been looking into how to reduce our dependency on petrochemicals as a major component of our patented polyurethane technology. Now, with our new patented technology, we can reduce the amount of petrochemicals in our products by 50% and instead use renewable and environmentally based components. Through its partnership with American Forest Arnco has planted over 20,000 new trees and supported ecosystem research to help advance the understanding of environment sustainability. To learn more about Arnco, please visit us on our website at www.arnconet.com.

Bank of America Charitable Foundation With support from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, American Forests launched the Community ReLeaf urban forest assessment and reforestation program in 2013 to conduct urban forest assessments in five U.S. cities, taking each city’s unique needs into account: Asbury Park, N.J.; Atlanta, Ga.; Detroit, Mich.; Nashville, Tenn.; and Pasadena, Calif. Along with the assessments, volunteers from Bank of America joined American Forests for tree planting events in each of the cities.Now in its second year, Community ReLeaf is once again supported by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation and will expand upon previous efforts in select cities while also launching additional assessments in new locations. This partnership is part of Bank of America’s ten-year, $50 billion commitment to support a lower carbon economy through lending, investing and giving.

Banrock Station, one of Australia’s preeminent eco-wineries, has led the way as a conservation minded wine producer for over twenty years. The company manages nearly 4,000 acres of native vegetation including more than 600 acres of native wetlands together with its vineyards. Central to Banrock Station’s success is a genuine commitment to the environment, with part proceeds of every sale contributing to conservation projects around the world. Since 1996, part proceeds from sales of Banrock Station wines have funded conservation projects in Australia, and internationally funding recognized international and national conservation organisations in tackling global issues such as climate change, water conservation, ecosystem and species loss.Banrock has supported returning salmon to rivers in Canada, otter protection in Denmark, bee recovery in the UK and breeding threatened duck species in New Zealand. In 2014, Banrock Station was pleased to award a $95,000 grant to American Forests to help save the threatened whitebark pine in the Mountain West. To learn more about Banrock Station and its environmental initiatives, please visit http://www.banrockstation.com.au.

Serving law firms, corporate counsel, and the entertainment industry, Barkley Court Reporters is California’s largest and oldest privately held court reporting company. With ten Barkley offices on the West Coast and seven offices in Chicago, New York and Paris, France, Barkley is adept at providing deposition and transcript services globally. Barkley offers videoconferencing, video synchronization, internet streaming, remote, secure online access to documents and transcripts, electronic repositories and trial technology services. Barkley is certified by the Bay Area Green Business Program as an official Green Business and is also committed to planting trees with American Forests in conjunction with a program promoting use of electronic transcripts. To date, Barkley has helped to plant over 20,000 trees. To learn more about Barkley Court Reporters, please visit www.barkley.com

Boxcar Press, Bella Figura, and Smock are part of an environmentally-minded letterpress shop in upstate New York working to make the world a little better through mindful creation of beautiful things. We print our letterpress invitations the old-fashioned way, using antique cast-iron presses, the best paper, time, patience, perfection, a whole lot of love. We use tree-free cotton and bamboo paper whenever possible in our printing, and we donate 1% of our letterpress wedding invitation sales to environmental causes. Because we’re printers, we worry about deforestation’s impact on the world. So we’re proud to support American Forests through the donation of trees.Find out more about us at

Canton Cooperage manufactures premium American oak barrels for the wine and craft spirits industries. Based in Lebanon, Ky., with offices in Windsor, Calif., Canton Cooperage has been crafting the top American oak barrel for more than 80 years. Canton customers include many of the world’s most prestigious wine and spirits producers on all five continents. Canton Cooperage believes that the quality of its barrels begins in the forest with the selection of the finest American white oak. As a business dedicated to sustainability, Canton Cooperage is proud to partner with American Forests through its Global ReLeaf program to fund tree planting and help preserve our invaluable US forests. For more information about Canton Cooperage please visit www.cantoncooperage.com.

Chegg logo - Corporate Partners Page September 2013 Chegg, the student hub, is transforming the way millions of students learn by connecting them to the people and tools needed to succeed throughout their high school and college career. The company offers an array of educational materials, including millions of textbooks in any format and access to online study tools, as well as college and university matching tools and scholarship connections. Students nationwide use Chegg 365 days a year to make learning easier, more accessible and more productive. As a part of the company’s philanthropic efforts, Chegg is dedicated to its Chegg for Good program, which empowers students to be a catalyst for change while on campus, in their communities and around the world. Together with American Forests, the company has planted more than five million trees.

In our work to conserve and restore the natural resources we depend on and to protect the wild places and open spaces where we play, Clif Bar has been honored to work with and to learn from amazing organizations that share our vision. As a proud supporter of American Forests, we have helped plant tens of thousands of trees in support of environmental restoration efforts.To learn more about Clif Bar and our efforts to conserve and restore, please visit http://www.clifbar.com.

CRYSTAL GEYSER® ALPINE SPRING WATER® is proud to sponsor the reforestation efforts of American Forests (americanforests.org), the nation’s oldest nonprofit conservation organization and a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration. CRYSTAL GEYSER® ALPINE SPRING WATER® has renewed our partnership with American Forests. CRYSTAL GEYSER® ALPINE SPRING WATER® has planted 50,000 trees a year since 2001. Our renewal will mark a grand total of 500,000 trees by 2012.CRYSTAL GEYSER alpine spring water has also donated thousands of bottles of its refreshing alpine spring water to keep American Forests’ volunteers hydrated during tree planting projects and special events.

CubeSmart is one of the leading self storage companies in the US, with nearly 500 owned or managed self-storage facilities at convenient locations nationwide, providing solutions for household, business, and vehicle storage. As part of the company’s efforts to become even more environmentally responsible, CubeSmart will donate to the American Forests Global Releaf program on behalf of new customers who rent a self storage unit. In addition to joining the Global Releaf program, CubeSmart has created an internal “Green Team”and has launched numerous projects to save energy and be a better steward of the environment.The URL link will also need to be updated: www.cubesmart.com

The Davey Tree Expert Company is the premiere sponsor of the National Register of Big Trees and a long-time supporter of American Forests. Davey has U.S. and Canadian operations in 45 states and five provinces, and provides a variety of tree care, grounds maintenance and consulting services for the residential, commercial, utility and government markets. Founded in 1880, Davey is employee-owned and has more than 7,000 employees who provide Proven Solutions for a Growing World. For more information, visit www.davey.com.

Earthbound Farm,  one of the leading organic food companies in the world, supports organizations working toward a clean, healthy environment. When our founders began farming organically more than 25 years ago, they committed to caring for the land responsibly and sustainably — and that spirit of environmental stewardship continues through every aspect of Earthbound Farm today.  We’ve planted trees with American Forests every year since 1999 to help offset unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions from the energy used by our business operations. The trees help slow climate change by removing carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the atmosphere. They provide important local environmental benefits, too, such as increased wildlife habitat, clean air, and clean water. Visit www.ebfarm.com.

eCO2 Greetings is a global provider of Holiday ecards for business and have supported American Forests since 2008 with over 65,000 trees planted on behalf of its customers. eCO2 Greetings put tree planting at the heart of their offer to organisations who are looking to operate in both a cost effective and environmentally responsible way. Not only do eCO2 Greetings’ Christmas ecards for business cost less to buy and organise than traditional paper cards, but they use far less resources to produce and distribute. Added to this, eCO2 Greetings plant 10 trees in the Global ReLeaf programme on behalf of every customer who purchase corporate ecards, allowing them to reduce their carbon footprint and promote their brand’s green credentials. In August 2014. eCO2 greetings launched Carbonize, an on-line app aimed at raising awareness of carbon impact by allowing users of the app to compare the CO2 emissions of everyday items. Users are encouraged to share their results and for every 100 shares eCO2 Greetings plants in the Global Releaf program. In the first week, there were over 3,000 shares. To learn more, go to eCO2 Greetings

More than 6,000,000 trees planted to date! With the help of Eddie Bauer and its customers, American Forests has planted more than 6 million trees in the United States and Canada since 1995. Our partnership with Eddie Bauer has created the most successful reforestation project by a non-forest-related business in the United States. Currently, Eddie Bauer is raising funds for Global ReLeaf tree planting projects by inviting customers and store associates to add $1 or more to their in-store, catalog, or online purchases. Visit Eddie Bauer at www.eddiebauer.com.

Energy Conscious logo - Corporate Partners Page June 2013 The Energy Conscious is a global marketplace for energy and water efficient products and alternative energy solutions. Our mission is to inform consumers on energy and money-saving choices in the market and on the horizon. We offer products with the highest efficiency labels like Energy Star and Water Sense. We believe that the more we incorporate efficient products into our homes and lives, the more affordable and available they become to everyone. Our commitment to promoting a healthier environment naturally extends beyond our products. As a proud supporter of American Forests, our Plant-a-Tree initiative, launched in 2012, integrated tree giving into the customer experience of our e-marketplace. We remain committed to reducing the effects of air pollution while we sell energy-efficient and green products and further offset carbon emissions by donating trees to American Forests Global ReLeaf. Visit www.theenergyconscious.com, or stop by our blog at www.moreenergyconscious.com.

eTree logo - Corporate Partners Page June 2013 eTree, a partnership between Computershare and American Forests, assists corporations in reducing the amount of shareholder management and increasing shareholder acceptance of electronic communications. Each time a shareholder registers for electronic report delivery through a company’s eTree program, American Forests will plant a tree in their name in one of America’s great public forests. This powerful solution provides numerous benefits: For more information on eTree, please visit the eTree website.

FamilyEnergy Family Energy is a New York based energy marketer dedicated to the improvement of our environment and the promotion of an environmentally mindful public. Family Energy provides cost-conscious options for customers to make their electricity usage 100% green through its support of highly tested and verified carbon offsets projects, plus for each customer that signs up for Family Energy’s Green Power program, Family Energy through American Forests will plant a tree. Together Family Energy, our customers, and American Forests can make a big environmental impact, for very little cost and consumer effort. To learn more visit www.yourfamilyenergy.com.

Fike logo - Corporate Partners Page June 2013 Fike is a globally recognized supplier of products and services that protect people and critical assets from dangers such as fire, explosion, and over-pressurization. As a company dedicated to providing innovation and continuous improvement in all areas of our business, we’ve worked hard to ensure that the products we supply are superior in their performance and exceed customers’ expectations. Now, in partnership with American Forests’ Global ReLeaf forest restoration program, and as part of Fike’s sustainability initiative, the ECARO-25®plus program will invest a portion of all Ecaro-25® sales in programs which absorb carbon dioxide emissions – thereby helping Fike, and its customers, be carbon natural. To learn more, visit the Fike website.

As part of our commitment to the global environment Ice-O-Matic®, a global leader in commercial ice machines, is devoted to sustainability in every aspect of our business. To ultimately offset the carbon footprint of our factory in Denver, we not only use recycled materials in our packaging and manufacturing, we recycle our industrial and office waste products too. More importantly, through our partnership with American Forests, we are committed to planting a tree for every ice machine we sell to contribute to the reforestation of key regions throughout the world.Find out more about Ice-O-Matic and our Green ReLeaf™ program at www.iceomatic.com

IKEA, an international leader in promoting sustainable business practices, has teamed up with American Forests to clean the air and sequester carbon through tree planting. Global Climate Change is an issue that affects all of us on the Planet. The first step is to understand the issue and then consider taking steps to reduce our “carbon footprint” through lifestyle changes. IKEA partners with American Forests in the US to plant trees to sequester CO2 generated by customer and co-worker transportation to our US stores. Through customer engagement efforts, including the Plant a Tree program, we have planted nearly two million trees in locations throughout the United States. To learn more about IKEA, please visit www.IKEA.com. As part of IKEA’s Life Improvement Project, throughout October 2011, customers donated $1 at checkout to American Forests to aid our tree planting efforts. On October 1, 2011, IKEA distributed free seedlings at all of their U.S. stores. Visit our newsroom for more information on this partnership.

Ilmor engineers high-performance engines for racing, marine and motorcycle. With over 25 years of history in the racing world, and a well-earned reputation for winning, our engines deliver unrivaled performance, design and reliability across every field we enter. Ilmor has worked diligently for the past several years to develop and produce a series of emissions compliant high-performance and recreational marine engines. All of our marine engines are compliant with US, California and European emissions standards. As part of our commitment to emissions excellence and long-term sustainability, Ilmor has recently partnered with American Forests to assist with their global reforestation efforts. Every time an Ilmor engine is sold, several trees will be planted to offset the carbon footprint of that engine over its expected lifecycle. Visit Ilmor online to learn more.

Interface, Inc. is a recognized leader in the worldwide commercial interiors market, offering modular and broadloom floorcoverings, interior fabrics, services and specialty products. Interface endorses sustainable business practices and strives to create a more sustainable model for industry. As a result of Interface’s commitment to sustainability, the company has partnered with American Forests to offset the emissions from all business related air travel through the Global ReLeaf Program. Every year since 2001, Interface, Inc. has sponsored the planting of trees through this and other unique initiatives to combat the effects of global warming. For more information on Interface’s journey to sustainability please view their online sustainability report:

Jackson logo - Corporate Partners Page June 2013 With nearly $77 billion in total assets, Jackson National Life Insurance Company® is one of America’s largest life insurance companies and a leading provider of variable, fixed and fixed index annuities. Jackson and its associates share the view that we all have a responsibility to minimize the direct impact we have on the environment and conduct business in an environmentally friendly way. To achieve this goal, Jackson promotes activities such as recycling, reducing consumption and conserving and caring for the land that our offices occupy.One of the most meaningful ways that Jackson is reducing its environmental impact is by offering customers and representatives the option to receive some of their Jackson correspondence through e-delivery.Jackson’s e-delivery program, called Green Delivery, not only materially reduces paper consumption, it also eliminates the need to mail some documents, thereby saving fuel and limiting pollution. When our policyholders choose Green Delivery, Jackson donates a portion of the savings to support American Forests to grow a healthier world.

Jambu Logo Jambu is an ecological footwear company focused on designing stylish and comfortable shoes for the modern day outdoor adventurer. At Jambu, preserving the great outdoors for future generations is a guiding principle that informs the company’s decision making. From outsoles made of partially recycled and compressed rubber to 100% recycled, recyclable and re-usable packaging, every pair of shoes is designed with the environment in mind. In 2014, Jambu began a long-term partnership with American Forests to help restore forests devastated by wildfire. To launch the partnership, Jambu supported the planting 50,000 trees in five separate projects across the U.S. and Jambu’s employees participated in a volunteer planting event in the San Bernardino Mountains of Cedar Glen, Calif. To learn more, visit Jambu online and follow them on Facebook.

www.larsonjuhl.com, the world’s leading picture frame manufacturer, has been a partner of American Forests since 1991. Recognizing the beauty of both art and the environment, Larson-Juhl has established the Larson-Juhl Global ReLeaf Foundation. American Forests and Larson-Juhl have jointly planted over 400,000 trees worldwide.

LEE logo - Corporate Partners Page Since 1969, Lee Industries has been dedicated to crafting American-made upholstery that is stylish, comfortable and design conscious. In doing this, we develop styles that are long lasting and contain uncompromised quality, which prolongs the life of our furniture and reduces the amount of upholstery that might otherwise be discarded into landfills. The company started with just 10 people and has grown to more than 500 associates that ensure outstanding products. Each piece of furniture is crafted using the finest materials and the skill of expert craftsman. Lee’s commitment to sustainability is evident in being one of only two American upholstery manufacturers to hold both the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Forestry Stewardship Council certificates. This lets us know the chain of custody for all wood products used in our furniture. Our commitment to plant trees with American Forests Global ReLeaf efforts help clean air and water and sequester carbon dioxide, as well as restore ecosystems and habitats. To learn more, visit www.leeindustries.com.

Landscape Structures Landscape Structures, an employee-owned company, has more than 300 employees and is represented by a network of nearly 50 independent sales organizations worldwide. For more than 40 years, Landscape Structures has demonstrated a commitment to healthy children, sustainable communities and a healthy environment. The company has installed more than 75,000 playgrounds in schools, parks and communities worldwide. Learn more about Landscape Structures´ unique playground products and environmental programs by visiting www.playlsi.com
or calling 888-438-6574.

Melitta USA, a leader in coffee and coffee preparation products is pleased to have partnered with American Forests since 2003. Melitta, together with our employees, assume responsibility for our role in society and our impact on the environment. We plan on continuing to support American Forests’ efforts to keep our forests flourishing and plentiful for years to come. For more information visit www.melitta.com.

Metropia Inc. is a fast growing transportation technology and social enterprise headquartered in Tucson, Ariz., with offices in Austin, Texas and New York City. More than just a mobile app, Metropia develops advanced urban planning and traffic management solutions to make cities better places to live. Metropia mobile is a highly predictive app supported by a proprietary traffic management system that encourages positive change in travel behavior, and empowers drivers to make smarter commuting choices by planning ahead and earning rewards. This proactive trip planning using incentive-based commuting options distributes traffic flow more evenly across available routes – and drivers save time while reducing vehicle emissions. Metropia’s “Plant-a-Tree” program commits to drivers that for every 200 lbs. of CO2 emissions that Metropia mobile users save by using routes suggested by the app, Metropia funds the planting of a tree through American Forests’ reforestation programs. Metropia Mobile users can also monitor their personal CO2 savings and travel time savings with the app. More information about Metropia can be found at www.metropia.com.

For more than 80 years, Nationwide® has been helping our customers protect what’s important to them. Now we’re pleased to help preserve the environment by donating $1 to American Forests for every customer who signs up for online account access. Not only will American Forests plant a tree for every dollar we donate, but our customers will save paper in the process. It’s just another way Nationwide delivers our On Your Side® promise. The company provides a full range of insurance and financial services, including auto insurance, motorcycle, boat, homeowners, life, farm and commercial insurance; and financial services, including administrative services, annuities, mortgages, mutual funds, pensions, long-term savings plans and health and productivity services. For more information, visit www.nationwide.com

Netcost is a nationwide claims administrator servicing Insurance and Fleet clients’ needs with a full menu of claim handling services, including windshield repair and replacement, Roadside Service and First Notice of Loss. The Repair & Replant™ program is offered exclusively by Netcost — who will donate to plant one tree through American Forests´ Releaf program for every windshield that is repaired through Netcost’s participating clients — eliminating the need for an entire replacement of the windshield. For more information, visit>www.netcostservices.com

For 22 years Nouveau Eyewear has been producing high-quality frames for leading eyewear brands like Geoffrey Beene, Van Heusen, Christie Brinkley and many others. We consider ourselves an environmentally friendly company, using soy-based printer inks, using 100% recycled packing boxes and supporting office supply recycling. With the addition of our newest line, Global ReLeaf Eyewear, we’ve discovered a way to become even “greener” than before. Pledging to plant a tree with each Global ReLeaf frame sold, we will now be doing our part to decrease greenhouse gases, replenish areas damaged by natural disasters, and ultimately cool the globe. To learn more about Nouveau’s involvement in the Global ReLeaf project contact us at 800-292-4342.

Origins logo - Corporate Partners Page June 2013 Origins has been one of the most recognized natural cosmetic brands since its launch in 1990. And among the things they are most noted for is their long-standing commitment to protect the planet, its resources and all those who populate it. Their products are manufactured using a combination of renewable resources, wind energy and earth-friendly practices. And they use recycled materials wherever possible. Origins on-going Plant A Tree program was created as an alliance with Global ReLeaf to help sustain the planet. Visit Origins.com for more information on how you can be part of their Plant A Tree program.For More Information Visit www.origins.com

Piola Founded in 1986 in Treviso, Italy, Piola combines fun, food, and culture in a unique setting. With its rigorously Italian cuisine, at Piola, delicious and healthy food combines cleverly with a particular service and ambiance for the demanding and modern customer. At Piola we understand the importance to demonstrate support for environmental protection. In honor of Earth Month, during April 2013 Piola will donate a portion of all Piola USA sales to support American Forests protect and restore our nation’s forests. Dine at Piola during the Month of April and help us reach our goal to plant a minimum of 5,000 trees across the US. To learn more, please visit www.piola.it.

Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE:PRU), a financial services leader has operations in the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America. In the U.S., Prudential’s iconic Rock symbol has stood for strength, stability, expertise and innovation for more than a century.Prudential believes that a healthy environment creates and preserves value for our customers, employees, and investors. Prudential is focused on instilling the principle of environmental stewardship throughout our global businesses. We believe that doing so benefits our clients, employees, and shareholders and future generations.

RAININ logo - Corporate Partners Page Rainin Instrument, a division of METTLER TOLEDO, designs, manufactures and distributes precision pipettes, tips and other consumables in the U.S. for life science researchers worldwide. As the largest pipette servicer in North America, Rainin has partnered with American Forests to significantly reduce the number of cardboard boxes used for its mail-in service program. Every time a customer reuses their pipette service return kit, the box is stamped, and a tree is planted. Other efforts to minimize our environmental footprint include innovative packaging designs, substantial investment in energy-saving technologies, recycling and reusing scrap from our manufacturing processes and, whenever possible, sourcing recycled materials for packaging and shipping containers. Visit www.mt.com/rainin to learn more about Rainin.

ServInt is a pioneering provider of high-reliability web hosting for businesses worldwide. ServInt’s commitment to Green IT services is demonstrated by its popular Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions.SuperVPS supports environmental sustainability goals by featuring low energy consumption, low-voltage hardware, carbon-footprint offsetting and green energy credits. SuperVPS is ideally suited for socially responsible, small and medium-size web-based companies seeking to operate their businesses with minimal impact on the environment. For more information on Green Web Hosting please visitwww.servint.net

SFE Energy is a competitively priced supplier of electricity and natural gas across the Northeast United States. SFE Energy is committed to positive environmental change and sustainability. With each customer helping to make a difference with the environmentally green program, SFE offsets 100% of the emissions that homes create, cancelling out a corresponding amount of Greenhouse Gas emissions. Plus for each customer that signs up for SFE Energy’s Green Power program, SFE Energy through American Forests will plant a tree. Together SFE Energy, our customers, and American Forests can make a big environmental impact, for very little cost and consumer effort. To learn more, visit www.sfeenergy.com.

The Source was created in June of 2006, to supply cosmetology kits and tools to the students of the Paul Mitchell Corporate, and Partner Schools across the United States.
Paul Mitchell has always had a strong commitment to the environment, and The Source wanted to keep that tradition going with the sales of our kits to the Paul Mitchell schools. Partnering with American Forests Global Releaf program seemed a natural choice. For each student cosmetology kit that The Source sells to the Paul Mitchell schools, The Source donates to American Forests Global Releaf program to plant one tree. The Source has planted tens of thousands of trees on behalf of Paul Mitchell students and as our school enrollment grows, we hope to be able to plant even more trees now and in the years to come. Visit http://www.pmthesource.com to learn more about us!

Swell logo - Corporate Partners Page With conservation and preservation of natural resources and the great outdoors in mind, S’well announces the Wood Grain S’well Collection. Still the double-walled stainless steel that you have come to love, but with a finish that mimics natural woodgrain in lighter burlwood and darker teakwood. No trees were harmed in the making of these rustic and beautiful bottles! For every Wood Grain bottle sold, S’well will plant a tree with American Forests where needed most. Check out our website at www.swellbottle.com to learn more.

t-base logo T-Base Communications produces braille and large print, as options alongside their accessible online offerings, because it’s essential that their customers provide their blind, low vision, and print disabled customers with choice and equal access to their information. T-Base is giving back to the earth by planting 12 trees for every tree that is consumed in the production of braille and large print statements, documents & textbooks on behalf of their telecom, education and financial institution customers. T-Base believes that corporate responsibility is a companywide commitment to being socially responsible, but the environment is a global responsibility. With the help of American Forests and their customers, T-Base hopes to plant thousands upon thousands of trees across North America by the fall 2014. For more information, visit the Community Page on the T-Base website.

tentree-logo tentree is an environmentally progressive apparel company that plants ten trees for every item purchased. We believe the world is our collective playground and it’s our duty to both enjoy and protect it. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing responsibly made clothing that not only supports an adventurous lifestyle, but also preserves our planet. Each purchase brings us closer to our common goal of environmental sustainability and stands as a symbol of pride for each consumer, knowing they made a difference. tentree is excited to have teamed up with American Forests to plant trees throughout the United States, helping us to fulfill our goal of planting trees worldwide. Our first project together involves trees being planted in Texas. To check out the line visit www.tentree.com

Texas Tea Motor Oil 100 percent synthetic TEXAS TEA motor oil is better than conventional motor oil for cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, etc. And it’s better for our environment. Due to its long-lasting properties and high performance, TEXAS TEA motor oil provides increased wear protection and reduced tailpipe emissions so engines run longer, less particulate matter escapes into our air and the time between oil changes is significantly increased. As a company that cares about the environmental impacts of our product, we’ve chosen to support American Forests by donating one percent of all revenues as a 1% For The Planet member. Healthy forests help remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, clean our drinking water and provide habitat for animals. TEXAS TEA 100 percent synthetic motor oil is mixable with conventional motor oils, but for best results, please drain and refill with pure 100 percent synthetic TEXAS TEA. To learn more about TEXAS TEA motor oil and to help make a difference by switching to 100 percent synthetic motor oil, please visit us at TexasTeaLubes.com.

UncommonGoods, the online marketplace for unique gifts and home accessories, is proud to support American Forests’ efforts to restore our environment. As part of their Better to Give program, customers can select American Forests at checkout for a $1 donation from UncommonGoods. To learn more about this program, visit UncommonGoods.

UNFI is the leading independent national distributor of natural, organic and specialty foods and related products in North America. Our mission is to provide our customers the widest selection of high-quality products, with exceptional in-stock service levels, dependable on-time deliveries, competitive pricing, and outstanding marketing programs and services. UNFI is a company committed to sustainability in all its forms.We strive to build energy-efficient buildings, utilize renewable -energy technologies, incorporate resource conservation measures, participate in recycling programs, and look to pilot transportation initiatives or new technology. We are committed to partnering with American Forests, as we strongly believe in their mission. Trees are an essential part of nature, provide many environmental benefits, and make life more pleasant, providing beauty, shade and serenity. Plus, they are fun to climb as a kid! www.unfi.com

Originating in Florence, Italy, WeWood is an eco-chic fashion watch that was introduced to the United States in 2010. With the widespread craving for newstalgia and planet-friendly ethos, WeWood has taken sophisticated sustainability mainstream with timepieces made from 100% natural wood. Powered by Myota movements and completely absent of toxic materials, WeWood is currently available in 2 styles and various types of repurposed wood from blond Maple to army-green Guaiaco.WeWood is delighted to have teamed up with American Forests. In just the first three months we planted 5,000 trees and were looking forward to the continued partnership, maintaining our commitment to plant one tree for every watch sold. Plugged by Los Angeles Times as one of the hottest trends of 2011, WeWood is available online at www.we-wood.com as well as in retail stores nation wide. Please visit www.we-wood.com for more information.

William Roam William Roam is proud to be partnering with American Forests, the nation’s oldest nonprofit citizens’ conservation organization. We are excited to include our participation in American Forests Global ReLeaf as a part of a sweeping environmental commitment; the use of bio-gas energy, wind power, 100% recycled paper carton packaging and vegetable-based inks help round out our conscientious, sustainable and bio-renewable choices.William Roam products are American-made, but more than that, they are American-inspired. Each soap and hair care product features American fruits, grains and other key ingredients sourced directly from American land. William Roam pledges to plant a tree for every hotel room that carries the company’s Sense line of amenities. The trees that American Forests plants are really making a difference for our environment and we are so very happy to be doing our part. To learn more about William Roam, please visit www.williamroam.com.

Woodchuck Cider logo - Corporate Partners Page June 2013 Woodchuck Hard Cider is handcrafted with apples in a state-of-the-art cidery in Middlebury, Vermont. Since 2010, Woodchuck Hard Cider has provided support to American Forests’ Global ReLeaf program to plant tens of thousands of trees in celebration of Earth Week. In addition to planting trees with Global ReLeaf Woodchuck Hard Cider also provides generous general financial support for American Forests’ conservation mission.More information is available at www.woodchuck.com and you can follow on Twitter at http://twitter.com/WoodchuckCider and fan us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/WoodchuckCider.

ZEAL logo - Corporate Partners Page June 2013 Proudly the most sustainable sunglass company in the world, ZEAL designs and crafts every sunglass from renewable, plant-based materials. ZEAL is also known for revolutionizing the goggle market with the HD Camera Goggle and the original GPS goggle. Based in Boulder, Colo., ZEAL is a boutique brand with advanced technology made for life outdoors. Stay tuned to ZEAL Optics’ Facebook page for more updates.