American Forests’ primary Tree Equity projects are in Baltimore, BostonDetroit, Phoenix and Rhode Island. But we have and continue to work to bring about Tree Equity in various ways to cities throughout the United States. We lead high-impact planting projects, but we also help cities plan and advocate for the protection of trees. In Atlanta, we helped create a novel tree protection ordinance to prevent the clearing of trees that provide critical benefits to wildlife. We are also helping Arlington County, Va., create an urban forestry and natural resources plan. And we participate in coalitions, such as the Extreme Heat Resilience Alliance that is addressing the growing threat of extreme urban heat on vulnerable people worldwide.


American Forests is helping Openlands double the capacity of its Forestry Trainee program and draft a plan for growing into a registered apprenticeship program, which will lay the foundation for training and placing more people of color from underserved communities into entry-level forestry jobs.

Openlands Forestry Trainees learn arboriculture basics in the classroom, that they later will apply to the field. Photo Credit: Sarah Sewell / American Forests


American Forests is supporting a satellite image assessment of Miami’s tree canopy to inform canopy restoration work that helps mitigate climate change impacts on residents.