Preparing Girls for Environmental Leadership  

The bond between Girl Scouts and American Forests started over 100 years ago, when First Lady Florence Harding simultaneously served as honorary president of Girl Scouts of the USA and vice president of American Forests. Today, American Forests serves as the proud partner for the Girl Scout Tree Promise to empower Girl Scouts to plant, protect, and honor trees in support of their pledge to take five million actions to address climate change. 

Planting Seeds for a Better Climate 

Trees are nature’s powerhouse. They provide clean, pure air for our families to breathe; help keep our neighborhoods cool; pull carbon out of the atmosphere to help address climate change; and provide homes for wildlife. Yet climate change is limiting the ability of trees to grow back on their own. And not everyone has equal access to the lifesaving benefits of trees. The lowest income neighborhoods in America have 36% less tree cover and those with highest concentrations of people of color have 45% less tree cover.  

Girl Scouts across America are leading for climate and justice in their communities through the Girl Scout Tree Promise. American Forests brings over 100 years of expertise growing trees to equip Girl Scouts with resources, teach them how to take action through tree planting events in their communities and provide resources to explore careers in science and urban forestry.  

Dr. Libby Pansing poses with a young Girl Scout following a film screening of "Hope and Restoration - Saving the Whitebark Pine" hosted by American Forests at the Montana Science Center on Saturday, March 5, 2023 in Bozeman, Mont.
Dr. Libby Pansing, American Forests’ Director of Forest and Restoration Science, shares what it’s like to be a scientist with Girl Scouts following a film screening of “Hope and Restoration-Saving the Whitebark Pine” hosted by American Forests, Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming, and the Montana Science Center in March of 2023. Photo by Colter Peterson.

Help Girl Scouts Keep Their Promise 

Girl Scouts have planted tens of thousands of trees in 50 states. This is great work!  

Yet more needs to be done for the Girl Scouts to keep their promise. Every donation to American Forests will be counted as a supporting action toward the Girl Scout Tree Promise and help restore damaged wildland and urban forests – for people, for wildlife, and our planet.  Support for American Forests is support for the Girl Scouts as they work to combat climate change.  Your donation will help create a brighter future for the next generation of environmental leaders. 

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