It’s that time of year when American Forests unveils the latest National Register of Champion Trees—a listing of the largest and most impressive trees in the United States.

This year’s National Register is spectacular. It includes nearly 700 champions.

We are grateful to the public participants who search for America’s giant trees throughout the year, then nominate them for the National Register. And, the state coordinators and National Cadre of Tree Measuring Experts who give their time to measure and verify trees on behalf of American Forests.

This year, Florida has the most significant number of champs—over 100. Virginia and Texas came in second and third, with 96 and 78, respectively.

A magnificent new champion crowned was Quercus virginiana, also known as the Live Oak tree, with a 440-inch circumference, found in Ware, Georgia. The Register, which has been published annually since 1940, is a compilation of America’s largest trees reported to American Forests.

The list of species currently eligible for the Register is over 900.

“Not only are these trees inspiring, but they also play a critical role in forest ecosystems both urban and rural. Big trees are important contributors in helping to mitigate climate change as larger trees store more carbon,” says Rose Tileston, who manages the National Register of Champion Trees for American Forests.

Check out the register HERE!