The time is fast approaching when it will be too late for the world to address the danger of climate change. At American Forests, we pride ourselves on being on the forefront of climate action in the U.S., but there is still more work to be done.

Throughout our history, we have tackled global challenges with small actions done again and again: like planting trees. Planting trees and caring for forests is something that must continue to do in this generation to the next generation. We want to prevent forest threats like drought and fire made worse by climate change. When we take care of our forests now, they continue to take care of us into the future.

Everyone has a part to play in the fight against climate change – especially college students. Many young adults across the country want to get involved, but they do not know how. Here are 4 ways that you can help fight climate change.

Educate yourself

They say that knowing is half the battle, which is why being educated on the effects of climate change goes a long way. While advocating for change and getting involved is important, it is vital that you know the reasons behind doing so. Knowing will help you be able to make more informed decisions and make sustainable changes in your behavior and lifestyle.

Reduce your carbon footprint

What you can do to reduce your carbon footprint in college may not be immediately obvious, but there are plenty of ways you can live more sustainably. Make sure the lights are off if you are the last to leave the classroom, take shorter showers, and consume less meat and dairy products are all good ways you can reduce your personal footprint.

Focus on your community

Taking the time to get involved in conservation efforts in your area is a great way you can help fight climate change. Working with student or local groups to organize and institute changes in your community can really help in the long term. Not only that, but working with local groups is a great way to get connected to larger groups.

Get political

Your vote is your voice on the national stage. Voting for candidates who vocally support climate policy is one of the best ways to get the government involved. Another way to get involved is to contact your elected officials. Your elected officials are here to represent you, and they have to listen if enough people speak up. Use this tool to contact your local Congressman.

Join larger groups

There are plenty of large groups all across the country who are working toward conservation and climate action. Joining with one of these groups can allow you to join with like-minded people and make a much larger difference. American Forests provides plenty of ways for enterprising college students to get involved. You can become a member, donate to American Forests, and share our latest blog. Just because your means may be limited does not mean your impact has to be. You can make a difference, so go out there and do it.