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This map was created to showcase American Forests’ new and ongoing projects in 2019. And some of these programs need your help! Explore the map and view each American ReLeaf and Community ReLeaf project—click on the icons to learn more.

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American Forests has planted over 60 million trees in the last 30 years, and this year we plan to plant an additional 3.5 million trees. Through our American ReLeaf program, we are investing in new landscape-scale restoration to transform eight native forest ecosystems across America.

Our Priority Landscapes are natural systems like mountain ranges and watersheds that deliver a full suite of benefits to water, climate action, people and wildlife. These landscapes have been identified in order to target our actions to the most important yet threatened of America’s native forests. In each landscape, we employ a new change model linking partnership, science-based planning, policy advocacy, tree planting, and other forest restoration and issue-based communications.

Additionally, American Forests is committed to building vibrant cities through urban forests and green space through our Community ReLeaf programs. From ensuring equitable distribution of tree canopy to creating much-needed tree care industry jobs, we are working with our diverse group of partners to help bring equity to communities across the U.S. to ensure all people in cities and towns receive the benefits that trees provide.

For more information on financial partnerships, please contact our Corporate Giving Manager Sarah Schmid at sschmid@americanforests.org.