Washington, D.C. (September 20, 2016) — The champions have been crowned! American Forests is proud to present the 2016 Champion Trees National Register, listing the largest and most impressive trees of their kind. This year, big tree hunters from across the country found 64 new champions to add to the list of America’s giants.

With more than 750 species represented overall, the Champion Tree Register, sponsored by The Davey Tree Expert Company, has been in the making since 1940, compiling America’s largest trees and inspiring the preservation of these iconic living monuments. Old, large trees are essential to sustaining a healthy forest ecosystem, and those that are still standing are often hidden deep within wilderness or out of the public’s eye on private property. The National Register is a way to find and celebrate these remaining giants, and this year’s big tree enthusiasts were especially successful in doing so!

True to historic trends, many of 2016’s new winners are from the Pacific Northwest, with Oregon having the most new winners at 14, while Texas and Montana tied for second with nine new champions each. This year’s nominators found seven massive oaks, one of which had the widest crown of all the entries at 110 feet. Six impressive pines were also submitted and included the tallest competitor of all, a sugar pine that stretches 241 feet into the sky.

Scoring the most points of any entry, a huge Coast Douglas-fir from Oregon captured an astounding 792 points overall, putting it 10th in the ranking of largest all time champions! It also proved to be the girthiest entry, at an astonishing 444 inches in circumference.

Without further ado, see all the details, measurements and pictures of the biggest trees in America in the 2016 Champion Trees National Register.


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