Philadelphia, PA, March 29, 2015 – SFE Energy is proud to announce the launch of the SFE Energy Earth Save Programs, designed to help SFE Energy customers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey to offset carbon emissions generated from the usage of Electricity and Natural Gas.

In addition to SFE’s Green Electricity program, residential customers now have the option to select the Eco Gas program, which offer customers price protection as well as the opportunity to make the natural gas they use carbon-neutral, thus reducing their carbon footprint. The Green Electricity product offsets 100% of the carbon emissions generated from the electricity usage, and Eco Gas product offsets 1.5 tons of carbon emissions generated from the average home’s natural gas usage.

To further help SFE Energy customers make a difference to the environment, SFE Energy, in partnership with American Forests, will plant a tree for every Earth Save Program selected. According to American Forests, each tree planted can absorb 10 pounds of air pollutants per year.

“Our hope is that the Earth Save Programs will help SFE Energy customers offset carbon emissions that are generated from daily home activities like heating and lighting,” said Gerry Haggarty, President of SFE Energy. “By planting a tree per program, we can make a big environmental impact, for very little consumer effort.”

“American Forests truly appreciates SFE’s Energy’s commitment to reducing carbon in the atmosphere,” said Lea Sloan, VP of Communications at American Forests. “Planting trees really makes a difference to the health of the planet in many ways, including sequestering carbon. SFE is also making a difference by bringing awareness to customers about how they can reduce their carbon footprint and why that is so critically important to our future.”

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About SFE: SFE Energy is a leading retail energy marketer providing natural gas and electricity Fixed Price Protection Programs to residential and commercial customers in the Northeastern United States. SFE Energy and its affiliates currently operate in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and New Jersey and are continuing to expand across the Northeastern United States.

SFE offers consumers the ability to lock-in their energy supply cost at a guaranteed, set price for a two or three year term. The Fixed Price Protection Programs provide customers with peace-of-mind and stability for their energy supply costs.

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