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  • Climate Change Means More Wildfires In Earth’s Boreal ForestsHeadlines & Global News
    Recent research from scientists at the University of Montana proposes that wildfires, similar to the one currently ravaging through Canada, will continue to impact boreal forests in the wake of climate change.
  • ESA satellite will study Earth’s forestsThe Space Reporter
    The European Space Agency is scheduled to launch a satellite, called BIOMASS, in 2021 that will help record the height and weight of earth’s forests and monitor how they change over time.
  • Invasive insects are ravaging U.S. forests, and it’s costing us billionsWashington Post
    Recent news resulting from research into the “sudden oak death,” which has killed more than a million trees in California, reveals that the pathogen can no longer be eradicated, only contained and harm mitigated.
  • MRI imaging moves from hospitals to forests to help sick trees —
    A study published in the Journal of Plant Physiology reveals insight into the use of advanced imaging technologies — typically used on human patients — on plants and trees to better understand how they are affected by severe drought and the ways in which varying species recover.