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Credit: Rick Goldwaser

Forest News

  • NYC Will Spend $100 Million on Green Rooftops & Tree Planting to Help Beat Extreme HeatGothamist
    Is the summer heat finally too much for NYC to handle? After a recent three-day heat wave, the city of New York announced a $106 million initiative aimed at combating the urban heat island effect. Eighty percent of the proposed budget will be used to plant trees in the South Bronx, Central Brooklyn and Northern Manhattan. Sounds like the Big Apple has the right idea!
  • The oldest living thing on Earth – BBC News
    Most of us know that trees are more than capable of outliving animals, including humans. But according to a list of officially dated ancient trees called the “Old List” and kept by U.S. researchers, many would marvel at just how long some are able to survive. A bristlecone pine in California’s White Mountains has claimed the top spot as the oldest living thing on Earth, boasting an astonishing 5,067 years.
  • After trees hacked in northwest Dallas, more downed in Red Bird without city approvalThe Dallas Morning News
    When a property owner cut down protected trees without the city’s approval, Dallas residents were not shy about expressing their displeasure. This is the second incident of unauthorized deforestation in recent weeks, and citizens are demanding the trees be replaced.
  • Older and wiser: Female elk can learn to avoid hunters with ageScienceDaily
    According to a study by Henrik Thurfjell and his colleagues from the University of Alberta, female elk are able to adopt strategies to avoid hunters as they get older. Based on the researchers’ findings, once the animals reach age 10, “they are nearly invulnerable to human hunters.”
  • National Arboretum to host International Tree Climbing ChampionshipThe Washington Times
    Is tree climbing a favorite pastime of yours? You’re in luck! For the first time ever, the National Arboretum is hosting the International Tree Climbing Championship, which is expected to attract up to 1,000 competitors from across the globe.

What’s New at American Forests?

  • Making Urban Trees Count
    Live in an urban area? The quality of your water is thanks in part to urban street trees. Join our very own Manager of Forest Conservation, Justin Hynicka, for an engaging webinar regarding the pollutant-reducing impacts of city trees on June 21 from 1:00-2:30 pm EST.