Check out what’s happened this week in forestry news!

According to a new study from the U.S. Forest Service, the country’s urban footprints are going to almost double over the next 40 years, meaning we need to incorporate urban forests into infrastructure to maintain the benefits of a well-forested environment.

Officials say it is more important now than ever to be cautious when using any kind of fire during visits to state forests to avoid human-induced wildfires.

Plastic waste is rapidly accumulating in our rivers, oceans, forests and beyond, and the negative impacts are impossible to ignore. These innovative materials may offer a solution to one of our biggest environmental challenges.

A new strategic planning document released Thursday from the Federal Emergency Management Agency eliminated any references to global warming, rising sea levels, extreme weather and other climate-related threats.

One man in central Ohio hopes to restore hundreds of acres of what was once old-growth forest back to its original state.