Eastern Bristlebird Credit: David Cook

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Birdsong loss would echo silence in the forests – The University of Queensland

The Eastern bristlebird only has three populations remaining in eastern Australia, and one of them is facing tremendous threats from habitat change and lack of appropriate fire regimens.

Why rare plants are rareScience Daily

Rare plant species are more susceptible to disease, which could explain why they are rare in the first place. A new study from the University of Bern could provide more answers and also indicate how climate change can make the problem worse.

With extreme storms like Hurricanes Maria and Irma becoming more likely due to climate change, researchers are looking into how damage to forests will affect their ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

The Nature Conservancy, along with partners in Mexico’s state of Quintana Roo, have established the Coastal Zone Management Trust, a new model of funding that will allow for immediate action after severe weather damage occurs.

Historic flooding and record-breaking rains are just two of the effects that will continue to accelerate as climate change worsens across the world.