Lemonade money for trees
Credit: Amanda Edwards

There’s absolutely nothing like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. But when that lemonade goes to help a cause you believe in, it tastes even sweeter. We recently heard about two young entrepreneurial minds that are using this principle to the benefit of forests.

Amanda Edwards of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, recently wrote to tell us about her 10-year-old son’s lemonade stand. According to Edwards, her son loves trees so much that he began to wonder if he cared too much. She told him, “It’s not possible to care too much … and that it just meant he has a passion.” She then encouraged him to think of a way to help trees over the summer.

lemonade stand
The young conservationists at work. Credit: Amanda Edwards

And so, the idea of creating and running a homemade lemonade stand to raise money for American Forests was born. With mouthwatering merchandise and a commendable cause, who could resist? Last we heard, the young conservationist, together with his seven-year-old sister, has already earned enough to plant 300 trees, which we’ll do proudly for him.

So, if you’re visiting the beaches of Maine this summer, keep an eye out for a lemonade stand that supports forests. And if you can’t make it to Maine, but these young tree-huggers have inspired you, you can always become a member of American Forests and protect our trees. It may not quench your thirst the same way, but hopefully, it will begin to sate your hunger to help our planet’s forests.

Raising money to plant trees
Credit: Amanda Edwards