A 2011 TREES ROCK planting event in Miami. Credit: American Forests
A 2011 TREES ROCK planting event in Miami. Credit: American Forests

While many today are tuning into the presidential inauguration, we want to direct your attention to three young people trying to make a change in their communities.

Last week, we told you about Scotties TREES ROCK! Video Contest, where students around the country were invited to share videos of how trees are important to them, their school and their communities in hopes of winning prizes to help beautify their schools.

Today, we want to shine a spotlight on three of the finalists hoping to win the grand prize to make grand, green changes to their schools.

Audrey K. from Carmel, Indiana, shares how the open field next to her school is being developed for a new subdivision and retail area, with trees being removed in the process. She wants to help her school plant trees to create a screen from the construction and this new development.

Anuhar C. from Charlotte, North Carolina, explains all of the cost-saving benefits trees provide to his school through their shading properties, and he reveals his plan to help beautify his school: a tree-filled courtyard that can serve as a lunchroom and outdoor class space.

Cate G. from Hensley, Arkansas, shows off her impressive drawing and painting skills and reveals that her school could use more trees to help prevent flooding and erosion on its playground, as well as a hope to use the prize money for more handicapped-accessible playground equipment and some new educational games.

If Audrey, Anuhar or Cate’s story touched you, go vote for them at www.scottiestreesrock.com. And come back next Monday for our profile of three more finalists.