An American Forests and Scotties tree planting event in 2011
An American Forests and Scotties tree planting event in 2011. Credit: American Forests

Can’t get enough of last week’s inspiring TREES ROCK! videos? Neither can we!

This week, we’re featuring three more finalists of Scotties TREES ROCK! Video Contest. Kids from across the country submitted videos explaining why they think trees are important and how their school could use $10,000 to improve its outdoor spaces.

Watch what makes these kids passionate about the trees in their communities, and be sure to vote for your favorite entry!

Kaylee L. from Arco, Idaho, explains through signs and illustrations how wildfires in the Rocky Mountains destroyed thousands of trees and threatened her community. Kaylee wants to make a difference and replace some of the trees that were lost in the fires.

Kyle P. from Rochester, Minn., and his Trees Rock News Team report on the amazing ways that trees can absorb pollution from the environment and provide resources like food and paper. Kyle would like to have more benches and trees around his school to create outdoor classrooms.

McCoy P. from San Antonio, Texas, likes to climb trees and appreciates the shade they provide on hot days. McCoy would love for his school to build an outdoor learning environment for kids to learn about different ecosystems and plants.

Now, it’s your turn to make a difference! Go vote for your favorite video at, and vote every day until February 15. (You can even be entered to win a Scotties Care Package just for voting!) Be sure to check back next Monday to see the profiles of three more finalists.

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