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  • Forests in spotlight at Paris climate talks — Nature. com
    With the climate talks taking place in Paris this week and next, forests are a particularly hot topic, both in terms of their importance to fighting climate change as well as the growing difficulty of protecting and expanding forests.
  • Forests Can Only Fight Climate Change if We Become Better Stewards The Tyee
    Because of forests’ important role in combatting climate change, this article provides a Canadian perspective on the essential role humans play in helping to better protect the forests of the world.
  • Growing forests, growing minds Wisconsin Dells Events
    A program in Wisconsin, known as the LEAF program, provides “school forests” to help children learn about the environment and conservation.
  • Biodiversity enhances carbon storage of tropical forests —
    Recent research reveals that the level of biodiversity in tropical forests, which harbor 96 percent of tree species, plays a critical role in tropical forests’ ability to store larger amounts of carbon — as they currently store 25 percent of global carbon.