By Austa Somvichian-Clausen, Communications Intern

Our final day on our fall adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park is our fly fishing day! After a homemade breakfast at the Lodge of the Stanley Hotel, we’ll head into the park for a guided fly fishing tour suitable for all levels of fishing expertise, from beginners to experts. Our fly fishing guide, Eddie, will be showing us the ropes of fly fishing amidst the beauty of the Rockies and bringing us to the best spots in the park for catching trout. All the materials you need for a perfect fly fishing trip will be provided, including waders and reels.

We’ll get the chance to fish for what is known as the Colorado Grand Slam, which includes four different species of trout. While on our fishing adventure, you can look out for rainbow, brown, brook and the greenback cutthroat trout species.

The greenback cutthroat trout is unique to the area and was actually presumed to be extinct by 1937, until several wild populations of what were thought to be greenback cutthroat trout were discovered in the South Platte and Arkansas basins starting in the late 1950s. This discovery prompted an aggressive conservation effort, and the greenback was designated as Colorado’s state fish in 1996.