Anthropologie’s BIRMINGHAM, Ala. store was one location that auctioned off the monarchs from its window display.

By Caroline Brooks, Communications Intern

Last week, Anthropologie stores across the country held a Monarch Butterfly Auction, where customers purchased bids for the store’s cool, creative window displays. What is so special to American Forests about this event is that every dollar that the retail brand raised from this event will help us plant another tree — and that’s what American Forests is all about!

To commemorate the event, we would like to share some of the customers’ kind words:

I am pleased to get the butterfly, but even more so, I am happy to know about the work of the American Forests! I might never have known about the organization and am impressed with Anthropologie on a new level now. The talent and creativity that comes out of your stores is inspiring as is the generosity of your talented artists. I am proud to be a part of that work and to have a piece of Anthropologie as well. — Allison (MEMPHIS, Tenn.)

Thanks again to you and the company for doing this. It is not often you see clothing companies being innovative in giving back to community! — Dara (GREENVILLE, S.C.)

I hope Anthropologie does this more often, it’s a great way to raise money for a good cause. — Jane (FAIRFAX, Va.)

I love how this works. Way to go. I feel even better about spending money on the monarchs!! — Jenny (SOUTHLAKE, Texas)

Happy to do it! The donations are a wonderful idea and certainly align with the priorities of at least part of the core Anthro market – those of us that are interested in being unique and stylish – but not at the expense of the environment. Applause to you all for finding creative ways to upcycle and reuse! — Natalie (CAMBRIDGE, Mass.)

So far, the event has brought in nearly $15,000! We are grateful to Anthropologie and the many customers who contributed to this wonderful campaign.