American Forests and Microsoft Host a Successful Native Desert Restoration in Arizona

American Forests and Microsoft co-hosted a Native Desert Plant Restoration on the morning of February 26th at North Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona.

In collaboration with the Arizona Sustainability Alliance, American Forests’ local implementation partner, around fifty (50) volunteers from all around the country came together to plant trees, cacti, and other native desert vegetation to help restore the natural landscape at North Mountain Park. The park is a part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve which offers a wide array of trail options for hikers of all abilities and boasts two of the best summit climbs in Phoenix.

Volunteers included local community members and stakeholders, Microsoft employees, and attendees of GreenBiz 19.

American Forests plants millions of trees each year in eight threatened and endangered priority landscapes and promotes urban forestry in 20 cities across the country.

To achieve these goals, American Forests is proud to partner with good corporate citizens like Microsoft, who take environmental stewardship seriously and help enable American Forests to accomplish its mission to create healthy and resilient forests as a natural climate solution.