This fall in the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Area, explore the delicacy of nature beautifully represented in Jeri Eisenberg’s “After Equinox” art exhibition. The exhibition, presented by Diehl Gallery in Jackson, Wyo., runs through October 11, 2015, and features more than a dozen works by Eisenberg.

“After Equinox” combines layers of photographs and resin to create works that detail the delicate elements of nature in a way that, in a blurred effect, depicts the “fine line between memory and imagination.”

Sugar Maple (Red) by Jeri Eisenberg
Sugar Maple (Red) by Jeri Eisenberg

In addition, a portion of the proceeds from the event will benefit American Forests’ Endangered Western Forests (EWF) initiative.

This initiative focuses on the restoration of threatened, high-elevation forests across the West. These whitebark pine communities serve as essential ecosystems for both wildlife and humans, yet are facing a range of threats, including pest outbreaks, invasive diseases and climate change. American Forests and our on-the-ground partners are working to restore this damaged landscape as well as prevent future irreversible damage.

American Forests has two main goals for our EWF initiative:

  1. Create and implement a replicable protection and restoration strategy applicable to other threatened forest ecosystems.
  2. Educate and raise awareness — locally and nationally — of the loss of high-elevation forests and advocate for the importance of restoring these forests to health.

In order to accomplish these goals, American Forests and our partners are employing a variety of comprehensive strategies. Of course, our EWF work would not be possible without the help of our partners and support from groups and organizations, such as Diehl Gallery, our members and people like you! For more information on how you can help, visit