Fraser Fir
Fraser fir is a nostaligic scent for many, especially around the holidays.

TREES ARE AN IMPORTANT inspiration for Thymes, a bath, body and home fragrance company committed to artisan craftsmanship. Their mission is to deepen connections through fragrance and create scents that enrich daily life. And, they know that the enriching power of their largest collection, Frasier Fir, starts at its source: trees.

“Frasier Fir’s just-cut-fresh, forest scent instantly captures hearts and conjures joyous memories, especially around the holidays,” explains Amy Banks, brand director at Thymes. “The feelings that it evokes have played a big part of it becoming a holiday tradition and staple in so many homes across America, and really, all over the world.”

Two years ago, Thymes launched Frasier Fir’s Northwoods and Statement collections, making a total of five collections featuring different looks, within this one beloved fragrance. In the spirit of giving back and helping to restore forests across America, Thymes partnered with American Forests to plant a tree for every product sold from the Northwoods and Statement collections through its Plant One Tree Program. Since this program launched, Thymes has planted more than 140,000 trees in Minnesota’s Chippewa National Forest.

“We were excited to be able to plant trees in our very own backyard in northern Minnesota,” says Maggie Sokoloski, assistant brand manager at Thymes.

The Plant One Tree program is designed to not only honor the Fraser fir tree through plantings and supporting organizations like American Forests, but to also promote a feeling of goodwill for everyone involved, from Thymes employees to the customers.

“The program itself draws a heartfelt connection,” Maggie says regarding the positive customer feedback to the program. “They can feel good about buying a candle that helps make a difference.”