Check out what our Facebook and Instagram followers had to say about this year’s Forests in Focus People’s Choice Contestants!

PEOPLE’S CHOICE WINNER: “Fox and the Fish” by Laurel Coffman

Fox and the Fish

“It’s always so special when one unexpectedly comes upon a scene like this — and with camera in hand! Lucky you! Love it!”
— Ashia G.

“Black Throated Green Warbler” by Joshua Galicki

Black throated green warbler




“Great example of why you don’t always need to try for a perfect profile! Great angle and lighting!”
— Robert M.





“What an absolutely stunning shot of the pines overlooking the melting pond. Great shot!!”
— Jennifer T.

Pine Trees with Blue Ice Melt by Tiffany Soukup

Pine Trees with Blue Ice Melts

Hiding in the Green by Kinley Bollinger

Hiding in the Green




“I grew up in Wyoming along the upper Green River where moose were a part of the river. Always loved seeing them and have great respect for them. Love this photo.”
— Merna W.

“A moost see!”
— Scott B.





“Trees capture my soul…truly remarkable shot! The contrasts are sharp, vivid…the ageless canyon walls… the living tree! ❤ ❤ ❤ ”
— Joni B.

Bottom Up by I-Ting Chiang

Bottom Up