Check out what our social media followers had to say about this year’s Forests in Focus People’s Choice nominees and winner!


WINNER: Ready to Bounce” by Thomas Cluderay
“This photo encapsulates the way the trees — alive or dead — in the forests are essential to life, showing the fungi growing on the tree, the tree sheltering the owl, and the green leaves of live trees muted in the background, which sustain us all with essential oxygen.” — @lilroaringmouse, Twitter

Bear napping on branch

“Beary Tired” by Jennifer Kardiak
“There is something extra unique and special about a bear sleeping high in the tree branches — that isn’t seen as often and makes for my favorite forest picture.” — Gloria M., Facebook

Maple leaf

“Portrait of a Maple Leaf” by Peggy Yaeger
“I love focusing on and seeing the small details that make a forest.” — @aspeelman3, Instagram

Rainbow over mountain

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Kinley Bollinger
“Captures the breadth, beauty and abundance of our forested landscape.” — @RogueLoonWoman7, Twitter

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