Jennifer Broome, Vice President of Philanthropy

American Forests Booth
People were drawn in by the trees, park bench and oak barrel in front of our American Forests backdrop, and the chance to learn more about American Forests’ critical forest restoration work. The booth was clearly a big hit! Credit: Jennifer Broome.

IN JUNE, American Forests was honored to join some of the most innovative, progressive and socially conscious companies and organizations across North America at the Sustain- able Brands Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, where companies shared the latest innovations, recent challenges and emerging opportunities in environmental stewardship to improve their sustainability practices.

So, why, do you ask, does a conservation organization participate in business conferences? Well, because American Forests is proud to help companies improve their sustain- ability practices, making every aspect of their business — from the supply chain to their products, and everything in between — greener, by helping them off-set their carbon emissions, water or paper usage, or simply augment their customers’ awareness of their sustainability efforts through shared marketing initiatives.

We do this for two primary reasons.

First, it’s good for our forests. The more awareness-raising we do about the need for companies to keep forests top of mind when sourcing their products, and off-set their use of non- renewable energy by planting trees and restoring forests, the better the long-term health of our forests will be.

Secondly, it’s good for our friends and partners. We’re happy to highlight the good work our corporate partners are doing with us so that other brands can see healthy, mutually beneficial partnerships in action — and be inspired. And, this helps raise our profile and attract new potential partners who are looking for a nonprofit that can help them achieve their sustainability goals.

While there is a lot to be concerned about — from deforestation to forest conversion, and forest products waste — conferences like these provide encouragement and hope to those of us working on the front lines of forest conservation. They are a much-needed reminder that there are indeed many companies from all industries that are actively improving their sustainability efforts and making significant strides to be better stewards of our shared environment.