Find out the latest in forest news in this week’s Forest Digest!

Epping Forest, Essex, England.
Epping Forest, Essex, England. Credit: chiron3636 via Flickr.
  • Killing Off Wildlife Is Destroying Tropical Forests —
    Recent research has revealed that the disappearance of seed-dispersing wildlife within forests and impacting those forests ability to store carbon.
  • How Small Forests Can Help Save the Planet New York Times
    With more than half of our country’s 751 million acres of forests being privately owned at holdings of 1,000 acres or less, this group of small “family forests” could serve as a large resource for combating climate change.
  • Haunted Forests Around the World —
    With October rapidly approaching, Halloween filling the air and scary movies playing on television, this article gets the nature-lover in the spooky spirit with a look at some of the most “haunted” forests around the world with rich and disturbing histories.
  • One Tiny Wasp Turns a Fig Tree Into a 150-Foot-High Eden National Geographic
    A German photographer living on the edge of a rain forest helps to spread the word — and beauty — of the relationship between a fig tree and a wasp.