Get ready to end this month in style! See what’s making tree headlines with the latest Forest Digest!

  • “Melbourne’s trees bombarded with emailed love letters”The Guardian
    If only trees could talk! Well, in Melbourne, Australia, they can email! As part of a community awareness initiative, the city assigned each of its 70,000 trees with an identification number, which allows citizens to email it. The city found that instead of simply reporting damage to a particular tree, people were sending arbor love letters.
Monarchs resting in a pine tree, before they continue their journey down to Mexico.
Thanks to Global ReLeaf’s work in Mexico, these monarchs are able to rest in a pine tree, before they continue their journey. Photo Credit: faria!/flickr
  • “Monarch butterfly population makes a modest rebound”San Francisco Chronicle
    Monarch butterflies sure know how to travel! They migrate from Canada to Mexico every winter to nest pine and fir trees. Last year, the monarch population experienced record lows and only covered 1.65 acres of forests—the smallest area in over 20 years. However, despite scientists’ findings that the monarch population rebounded by 69 percent in 2014, these orange- and black beauties are still in danger because of illegal logging in Mexico and climate change.
  • “Carbon accumulation by Southeastern forests may slow”
    In a recent study by U.S. Forest Service’s Southern Research Station, scientists John Coulston, David Wear and Jim Vose found that fire, disease, cutting and land-use changes all slow the rate of carbon accumulation in forests in the southeastern U.S. While many trees displayed small rate changes when faced with natural disturbances, land-use changes were found to play a more significant role.
  • “What is carbon insetting?”Mother Nature Network
    You’ve heard of carbon offsetting, but what about carbon insetting? The newest carbon reduction, this business method is taking aim at reducing a business’ own supply chain by investing in sustainable activities within the company’s scope.