They were compelled to help do something about it, so they turned to environmental conservation to understand and help combat these changes. Several years ago, Lloyd came across an issue of American Forests magazine. He and Patricia were impressed by American Forests’ conservation programs and tree-planting approach, so they decided to extend their support.

“You pick up knowledge as you go along,” Lloyd says, regarding conservation. “You don’t need to be a professional to understand and learn what’s going on.”

Lloyd and Patricia are humble about their lack of a science background, and they appreciate how reading American Forests has informed them of various environmental issues. One story that highlighted American Forests’ work in Houston led the Fetterlys to investigate reforestation methods being applied in their own backyard in Seattle.

In fact, reforestation is Lloyd and Patricia’s primary conservation concern. They are aware that healthy forests are important to counteracting the carbon crisis — an outcome of both the coal industry and the heavy economic reliance on wood products in areas like the Pacific Coast. Forests are a natural defense against carbon emissions, as trees are able to lock carbon in from the environment.

The Fetterlys have been committed members of American Forests’ Sequoia Circle since 2014 and are also heavily involved with other local conservation organizations in Tacoma, Wash. For instance, Lloyd has planted hundreds of trees with different groups, and volunteering has become a passion of his.

One challenge Lloyd remarks on is getting people to make time to learn about conservation. He’d like to see younger people get more involved and hopes greater opportunities arise for young adults to participate in conservation efforts. As he suggests, it’s important to be community-minded, especially when working toward protecting our forests.

Lloyd and Patricia know it may not be possible for everyone to dedicate time or energy to conservation efforts, but “supporting American Forests is the easiest thing you can do,” they say.