A proud partner of American Forests since 2001, Crystal Geyser has planted 50,000 trees each year, leading to over 1 million trees across the country.

Throughout the partnership, Crystal Geyser has impacted dozens of locations, such as Montana’s Custer National Forest when it was hit by wildfire for a second time in 20 years by the Kraft Springs Fire of 2002, and Angeles National Forest in California after the 2009 Station Fire burned nearly 25% of the area. With a clear interest in clean water, the company has helped plant thousands of trees in Sierra National Forest in California, where 30% of the state’s drinking water originates from snowpack melted in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is filtered there by the natural purification the forest provides.

In addition, Crystal Geyser has planted more than 100,000 trees in Michigan alone, restoring crucial jack pine habitat for the Kirtland’s warbler — a once endangered songbird. Thanks to collective and extensive restoration efforts in the region, the Kirtland’s warbler was delisted in 2019, becoming the first songbird to ever achieve such a feat.  

Crystal Geyser’s support has helped American Forests create healthy and resilient forests that provide wildlife, air and water benefits.