American Forests and DTE Energy are thrilled to recognize two major awards that support the Detroit Tree Equity Partnership and will help the city of Detroit achieve its goals of improving public health, environmental and economic equity through expanded tree canopy cover. The Greening of Detroit and City of Detroit received $9.6 million and $3 million respectively from the over $1 billion in USDA Forest Service funding announced today. The awards are a recognition of their unprecedented commitment, hard work and results that serve as a model for the nation.  

As two core members of the Detroit Tree Equity Partnership, in which American Forests and DTE Energy also play a leadership role, partners will plant 75,000 trees in targeted areas of Detroit while also training and employing dozens of Detroiters in the planting and maintenance of these trees. These transformative dollars will have a tremendous impact on advancing our collective work towards Tree Equity and improving thousands of lives in Detroit. 

Detroit is a shining example of what it looks like for partners to come together to deliver on a national movement for Tree Equity that spans grasstops to grassroots, and American Forests and DTE Energy are proud to support this critical civic initiative.  

If you are interested in becoming a Detroit Tree Equity Partnership member contact Eric Candela at