Public Policy Program

American Forests’ Public Policy Program advocates for the protection and restoration of rural and urban forests. Our vision is for a world in which forests are thriving and valued for their significant environmental and societal benefits.

Community Coaltions

American Forests helps citizens and community groups participate in the forest policy process, especially at the national level. Our local partners bring practical knowledge and new perspectives to each issue, and a commitment to seeking solutions, all of which have been welcomed by federal agencies, Congress, and advocates for a range of causes and positions.

Policy Updates and Action Alerts

American Forests’ Policy Updates provide information on the latest news and policy issues related to natural resources, climate change, wildlife, and other issues pertaining to trees and forests. Our Action Alerts let you know when there’s an opportunity for you to take action on an issue. By signing onto our advocacy letters, you will let Congress and federal agencies hear your voice on the issues you care about.