A view of the U.S. Capitol.

American Forests puts U.S. forests as its top priority in federal regulation and legislative policy work by representing conservation interests. To facilitate these efforts, American Forests is a member of several national coalitions that promote consensus building and leverage the abilities of organizations across the political field. In addition, on the local level, our Community ReLeaf program offers support to on-the-ground NGOs and governments creating and sustaining urban forests.

American Forests’ Action Center and Action Alerts

American Forests’ Action Center contains letters and petitions that are addressed to appropriate Congressional members or federal agency heads and ask for support on American Forests-endorsed legislation and regulations. Constituents are able to vocalize the importance of conservation issues to their elected officials.

Action Alerts are short and direct email messages that keep our supporters updated on new postings available in the Action Center.

Policy Updates

Policy Updates are brief messages sent out to interested parties on important conservation-related happenings in federal agencies and on the Hill. Policy updates are geared towards those passionate about environmental legislation or members of the community forestry field.

Stay Informed

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