There are more than 870 species and varieties eligible for the National Register of Big Trees. These species must be recognized as either native, non-native, naturalized or a recognized naturally occurring variety in the United States. Hybrids, cultivars, ornamentals and unclassified varieties are excluded. American Forests has based this list on sources such as the USDA Plants Database and the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS). For more information on eligibility, click here.

Cannot find a match? If you are looking for a tree species that is not eligible for the National Register of Big Trees and would like to add a species for consideration, please nominate a tree species here.

Note: The classification of various species as invasive is not consistent across state boundaries, since each species does not always exhibit invasive characteristics in every location. State coordinators shall decide whether a nominated tree fits the definition of invasive in their state and therefore exclude that species from nomination to the National Register.

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SpeciesCommon NameScientific NameChampion(s)Nominate Tree
AcaciaBlackbrushAcacia rigidulaGlendale, AZ - 59 PointsNominate
AilanthusTree-of-heavenAilanthus altissimaMarion, OH - 321 PointsNominate
AlderArizonaAlnus oblongifoliaCibola NF, NM - 342 PointsNominate
AlderEuropeanAlnus glutinosaDavenport, IA - 211 PointsNominate
AlderHazelAlnus serrulataCarroll Co., MD - 79 PointsNominate
AlderMountainAlnus incana ssp. tenuifoliaUmatilla NF, WA - 175 PointsNominate
AlderSpeckledAlnus incana ssp. rugosaLivingston County, NY - 100 PointsNominate
AlderWhiteAlnus rhombifoliaPolk, OR - 250 PointsNominate
AnacahuitaCordia boissieriEdinburg, TX - 126 PointsNominate
Anise-treeYellowIllicium parviflorumOcala National Forest, FL - 30 PointsNominate
AppleCommonMalus sylvestrisGila, AZ - 218 PointsNominate
AppleOregon crabMalus fuscaMarion, OR - 132 PointsNominate
AppleSouthern crabMalus angustifoliaKent, MD - 123 PointsNominate
AppleSweet crabMalus coronariaOrange, VT - 145 PointsNominate
AraucariaCunninghamAraucaria cunninghamiiSan Dimas, CA - 212 PointsNominate
ArborvitaeOrientalPlatycladus orientalisScioto, OH - 152 Points
Baltimore, MD - 148 Points
AshBerlandierFraxinus berlandierianaLos Fresnos, TX - 296 PointsNominate
AshBlackFraxinus nigraGreene, VA - 213 PointsNominate
AshBlueFraxinus quadrangulataJefferson, KY - 308 PointsNominate
AshCarolinaFraxinus carolinianaLake, FL - 263 PointsNominate
AshFragrantFraxinus cuspidataCoconino NF, AZ - 95 PointsNominate
AshGooddingFraxinus gooddingiiCoronado NF, AZ - 55 PointsNominate

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