Update: Congratulations to Hawaii’s “Coco” Coconut Palm, voted 2014′s Ultimate Big Tree.

Rules and Guidelines

It’s that time of year again when bracketology experts start to decide who the strongest teams are in the country. You try to guess the number one seeds, who will be on the bubble and, of course, who will be Cinderella since it wouldn’t be a tournament without a high-ranked team losing in the first round.

American Forests is joining in the fun, but taking it to another level: Big Tree Madness! That’s right: We’re pitting the biggest of the big against each other in a three-week competition to determine who will be crowned this year’s “Ultimate Big Tree.”

You might be thinking, “Oh my, there are more than 750 national champions. How will they ever decide?” Don’t you worry about that. American Forests has recruited the top bracketology experts to determine our top contenders. These trees come in all shapes and sizes and can be found in national forests, parks and even backyards.

By this point, you should be so amped that you jumped out of your seat with a solid fist pump. That’s exactly how we feel. American Forests needs your help to select the Ultimate Big Tree of the year. Here’s how the tournament works:

  • Voting will take place on American Forests’ Facebook page. If you haven’t joined the community, this is your chance to “Like” us and see the coolest trees in the country.
  • One match per weekday will be posted for voting beginning March 19 and will end with the championship round on April 4. The winner will be announced on April 5.
    • Sweet 16 – March 17 to March 26
    • Elite Eight – March 27 to April 1
    • Final Four – April 2 to April 3
    • National Championship – April 4
  • You have 24 hours to vote on each matchup every weekday. Voting starts at 10:00 am EDT when the match for the day is posted and will close at 9:59 a.m. EDT the next day.
  • While we’ll be announcing every winner on Facebook, you can also keep track of the bracket right here. The full bracket will be posted on March 19 and will be updated after each round.

The Ultimate Big Tree winner is up to you. Will you throw your support behind a state tree, your favorite species or the coolest-looking big tree? We’ll find out.

Mark your calendars! This will be an epic battle of the ages — and don’t forget to share with your friends!