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The 2018 American Forests Champion Trees national register has 783 national champions and c0-champions, including 165 newly crowned specimens. The national register has basic and advanced search features that allow you to search by species, measurements, location and total points.

There are still hundreds of species without a champion. You just need a measuring tape and a ruler to get started — nominate your tree!

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Sequoia Giant Species:Sequoia Common Name:Giant Scientific Name:Sequoiadendron giganteum State:CA County:Sequoia NP Points:1321

Redwood Coast Species:Redwood Common Name:Coast Scientific Name:Sequoia sempervirens State:CA County:Jedediah Smith Redwoods SP Points:1290

Spruce Sitka Species:Spruce Common Name:Sitka Scientific Name:Picea sitchensis State:WA County:Olympic NP Points:951

Redcedar Western Species:Redcedar Common Name:Western Scientific Name:Thuja plicata State:WA County: Points:922

Douglas-fir Coast Species:Douglas-fir Common Name:Coast Scientific Name:Pseudotsuga menziesii State:WA County:Lake Quinault Points:891

Port-orford-cedar Species:Port-orford-cedar Scientific Name:Chamaecyparis lawsoniana State:OR County:Coos Points:773

Eucalyptus Bluegum Species:Eucalyptus Common Name:Bluegum Scientific Name:Eucalyptus globulus State:CA County:Petrolia Points:759

Sycamore California Species:Sycamore Common Name:California Scientific Name:Platanus racemosa State:CA County:Santa Barbara Points:744

Baldcypress Common Species:Baldcypress Common Name:Common Scientific Name:Taxodium distichum State:LA County:Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge Points:739

Cottonwood Fremont Species:Cottonwood Common Name:Fremont Scientific Name:Populus fremontii ssp. fremontii State:AZ County:Yavapai Points:702

Incense-cedar Species:Incense-cedar Scientific Name:Calocedrus decurrens State:CA County:Klamath NF Points:644

Incense-cedar Species:Incense-cedar Scientific Name:Calocedrus decurrens State:OR County:Josephine Points:633

Oak Canyon live Species:Oak Common Name:Canyon live Scientific Name:Quercus chrysolepis State:CA County:Oak Glen Points:622

Pine Sugar Species:Pine Common Name:Sugar Scientific Name:Pinus lambertiana State:CA County:Calaveras Big Trees State Park Points:615

Maple Bigleaf Species:Maple Common Name:Bigleaf Scientific Name:Acer macrophyllum State:OR County:Lane Points:605

Cypress Monterey Species:Cypress Common Name:Monterey Scientific Name:Cupressus macrocarpa State:OR County:Douglas County Points:605

Alaska-cedar Species:Alaska-cedar Scientific Name:Cupressus nootkatensis State:WA County:Olympic NP Points:585

Tupelo Water Species:Tupelo Common Name:Water Scientific Name:Nyssa aquatica State:VA County:Greensville County Points:584

Fir Noble Species:Fir Common Name:Noble Scientific Name:Abies procera State:WA County:Gifford Pinchot National Forest Points:579

Sycamore American Species:Sycamore Common Name:American Scientific Name:Platanus occidentalis State:OH County:Ashland Points:578

Pine Pacific ponderosa Species:Pine Common Name:Pacific ponderosa Scientific Name:Pinus ponderosa var. benthamiana State:CA County:El Dorado Points:576

Juniper Sierra Species:Juniper Common Name:Sierra Scientific Name:Juniperus grandis State:CA County:Stanislaus NF Points:573

Oak Live Species:Oak Common Name:Live Scientific Name:Quercus virginiana State:LA County:St. Tammany Parish Points:570

Cottonwood Eastern Species:Cottonwood Common Name:Eastern Scientific Name:Populus deltoides ssp. deltoides State:NE County:Beatrice Points:565

Hemlock Western Species:Hemlock Common Name:Western Scientific Name:Tsuga heterophylla State:WA County:Olympic National Park Points:546

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