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There’s a lot you can do to ensure that our forests in cities and large, rural landscapes are healthy for generations to come. You can be a voice for forests by asking your elected officials to support legislation that will conserve and protect forests. You can follow tips on the right way to plant a tree in your backyard. And more. Below are the latest actions you can take.


Underserved urban community

Lower Your Energy Bills

Plant trees near your house and you will likely see your energy bills go down. The trees will provide shade and block the wind, so you won’t have to crank your air conditioner and heater.

The TREES Act of 2021 would result in 300,000 more trees planted annually, particularly in the many underserved communities of the United States where trees are sparse.

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Be a voice for the REPLANT Act

The REPLANT Act would provide the United States Forest Service with funding to plant or facilitate the natural growth of more than 1.2 billion trees over the next decade.

Help us make the REPLANT Act a reality by asking your Congressional leaders to support this legislation.

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Learn How to Plant a Tree on Your Property

How do you go about choosing a tree for your property? How do you do it the right way?

Follow these eight steps to plant the right tree in the right place.

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