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City trees
Credit: Chuck Fazio.
  • Even Indoor Kids Should Worry About California’s 30 Million Dead Trees —
    Last year, the state of California lost nearly 30 million trees, and this changing landscape will impact residents in a variety of ways, including increased wildfires, potential mudslides, poor water quality and more.
  • U.S., Norway say forests vital to global climate goalsReuters
    In a joint statement made on Wednesday by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the Norwegian government, both countries have signed a deal focusing on protecting forests, and engaging the private sector in doing so, in order to address climate goals.
  • Canadian forests a refuge as warming creeps northScienceDaily
    A recent Harvard study, analyzing more than 26,000 trees across an area of Canada, helps to reveal how increased rainfall may help certain trees in the area survive the threats of climate change.
  • Trees Lining California Streets Are Worth An Extra $1 Billion A YearHuffington Post
    A new study estimates each street tree within California to be worth $111, based on the benefits they provide, which can assist the state’s urban foresters in advocating for the planting of more trees and strategic selection of trees that provide maximum economic and environmental impact.