Urban Forests
While urban forests provide a variety of social, economic and health benefits, the distribution is substantially skewed both racially and economically.

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  • Could forests store more carbon as the climate warms? — Grist.org
    A new study conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey was published on Monday revealing that public lands may potentially play a very valuable role in the nation’s effort to combat greenhouse gas emissions as climate change may actually increase the amount of carbon stored by federal public lands by nearly 20% by 2050.
  • Forest Giants Suffer Most During DroughtsSmithsonian Science News
    A recent study by the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute concludes that larger trees are affected the most by drought, regardless of type of geographical location.
  • Why Urban Trees Solve Most of Our ProblemsHuffington Post Green
    While green spaces and more trees in our cities provide a number of benefits, there are still challenges when it comes to the racial and economic distribution of our urban forests.