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Forest Digest: December 23, 2018

December 23rd, 2018|Categories: Blog, Forest Digest|Tags: , |

Check out what’s happened this week in forest and environmental news!

Your white Christmas is on the way out – Quartz

Climate change is winning the war on Christmas – temperatures in 82% of US cities in a study from NOAA have risen by at least 0.5°F since 1970.

How 30 Million Dead and Dying Trees Are Reshaping Puerto Rico’s Forests – Earther

When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in September 2017, it knocked out power island-wide, battered infrastructure, and stripped forests of their leaves. Over the months that ensued, upwards of a thousand people would die as a result of the storm. So would about 30 million trees.

How Did Sacramento Get So Many Trees? – capital public radio

The first known reference to Sacramento as the “City of Trees” dates back to 1855, and by the early 1900s the saying had clearly taken hold.

Study: Slow Growth Ahead for the Forests of the Southwest – Arizona Public Media

Forests in Arizona and the rest of the Southwest are entering a slow-growth period due to climate change.

December 23rd, 2018|Categories: Blog, Forest Digest|Tags: , |