Check out what our social media followers had to say about this year’s Forests in Focus People’s Choice nominees and winner!

Tree vs. Bolder

WINNER: “Tree vs. Boulder” by Jeffrey P. Gladden
“Gladden has an insane talent for capturing simplistic scenes and turning them into art. The true test of an artist is if he/she can make art out of anything. It’s clear from his picture that Gladden doesn’t need an exciting scene to produce an amazing picture. He lets natural elements, such as lighting and color, make any scene beautiful and captures it flawlessly.”
Jennifer H., Facebook

Marmot Pose at Independence Pass

Marmot Pose at Independence Pass” by Anita Merrigan
“The overall composition. While it is not too difficult to get a marmot to pose for the camera, the background and even the rock the subject is on all balance well together in color and size.”
Gary S., Facebook

Upside Down Fern Forest

“Upside Down Fern Forest” by Mitch Paine
“What an amazing capture. It looks like the forest is held inside that tiny drop of water! It makes you realize we are all just a small part to something so much bigger!
@through_birds_eyeview, Instagram

Eagle Photobomb

“Eagle Photobomb” by Jennifer Kardiak
“The bear and eagle — because what are the odds of catching both in this way in the same shot?”
@CindyAcuff4, Twitter

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