Check out what our social media followers had to say about this year’s Forests in Focus People’s Choice nominees and winner!

"Caught in Ice" by Minnie C. Gallman

PEOPLE’S CHOICE WINNER: “Caught in Ice” by Minnie C. Gallman

“Love this; it’s easy to take a beautiful photo of nature, but this one was an artful and thoughtful capture of nature at its fleeting best!”
Linnea H., Facebook

"Blowing Willow" by Autumn Bradley“Blowing Willow” by Autumn Bradley

“I love ‘Blowing Willow’ because of the elegant almost ethereal flow and the fact that this is such a one-in-a-thousand chance shot.”
— @ISeiferheld, Twitter

“Strive to Stand Out” by Tarra Suppes “Strive to Stand Out” by Tarra Suppes

“Love ‘Strive to Stand Out.’ It’s a sign of hope and tenacity that this tree overcame whatever caused it to grow this way, and it’s celebrating its ability to still reach for the sky, by dancing and twirling its skirt of branches and leaves. Just beautiful. ❤”
— @yochica66, Instagram

“Squirrel Jumping” by Carol McCullough

“Squirrel Jumping” by Carol McCullough

“What a beautiful image of nature in motion.”
— @aaa_remodeling_dev, Instagram

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