Find out the latest in forest news in this week’s Forest Digest!

Credit: Loren Kerns via Flickr.
  • The secret life of trees: Is nature less selfish than we think? — CNN
    Research suggests that rather than simply competing for survival, trees also cooperate and share resources using underground fungi networks. Excess carbon from older trees helps seedlings survive.
  • The new gold rush: Loggers see money growing on millions of dead trees Washington Post
    The historic five-year drought in California wiped out 102 million trees in the Sierra Nevadas. However, this tragedy comes with a silver lining. The Californian government, in the middle of a $50 million effort to get rid of tens of thousands of dead trees that threaten infrastructure, has created several job opportunities for loggers all across the country.
  • Trees supplement income for rural farmers in AfricaScience Daily
    A new study suggests that trees on African farms help reduce poverty and maintain biodiversity. Among those surveyed, trees on farms contribute 17 percent to their annual household income.
  • Stunning forest mural sends chilling message about climate change — CNN
    Artist Sean Yoro completed his latest project, “Puliki,” using natural chalk and water on the burnt bark of trees. The piece, which has already been washed away by the first rainfall, was designed to send a message about the urgency of climate change, drought and deforestation.