10 Best Cities for Urban Forests

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American Forests is excited to announce the 10 best cities for urban forests:

Star - 10 Best Cities Austin

Star - 10 Best Cities New York

Star - 10 Best Cities Charlotte

Star - 10 Best Cities Portland

Star - 10 Best Cities Denver

Star - 10 Best Cities Sacramento

Star - 10 Best Cities Milwaukee

Star - 10 Best Cities Seattle

Star - 10 Best Cities Minneapolis

Star - 10 Best Cities Washington, D.C.

Click here to browse through the 10 best cities for more information on their urban forests, as well as image galleries.

These cities stood out among the 50 most populous cities in the nation based on a combination of six main criteria:

  • Civic engagement in maintaining the urban forest;
  • Urban forest strategies and city greening to address city infrastructure challenges;
  • Accessibility of urban forest and greenspaces to the public;
  • Overall health and condition of the city’s urban forest;
  • Documented knowledge about its urban forests; and
  • Urban forest management plans and management activities.

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Special Acknowledgements:
Alliance for Community Trees
Arbor Day Foundation
Arielle Arsenault, graduate student, University of Vermont
Survey participants in each of the 50 most populous cities
10 Best Cities Judging Panel Members
The Trust for Public Land

This project was funded in part by the U.S. Forest Service’s Urban & Community Forestry Program and the Lowe’s Charitable & Educational Foundation.

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