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Welcome to where all the action is at! America’s forests depend on passionate and engaged citizens — like you — to ensure their long-term protection. Take action and help American Forests speak for our nation’s forest lands.

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Help protect our national parks by urging your U.S. Representative to support the bipartisan National Park Service Centennial Act! Ask your elected officials in Congress to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Tell your Congressional members to support our public lands and vote YES on S. 1160, H.R. 2167!


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Take Action on this issue Urge your Senators to support the Forest Incentives Program Act of 2015!
Take Action on this issue Tell Congress to keep kids healthy by passing the Healthy Kids Outdoors Act.
Take Action on this issue Urge your Congressional members to support the No Child Left Inside Act and encourage environmental education.
Take Action on this issue Tell Congress to protect our forests, property, and public safety by supporting the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act (WDFA).
Take Action on this issue Urge Congress to support the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration program, which restores forests and reduces fire risk in U.S. communities.